a week with the smack bang team – anna

a week with the smack bang team – anna

Each one of team members play an important role in keeping this well-oiled machine, not only running but churning out brilliant ideas and projects on the reg. In our ‘meet the team’ series, we give you a little more insight into the talented folk that make up our Smack Bang family. 

My name is Anna and my mum would say I’m a detective but I think it’s just my highly curious nature and eagerness to learn. The first thing I do when I wake up is probably snooze my alarm once or twice (I know, such a terrible habit), then run around like mad getting ready. My goal is to somehow become a morning person this year, so I can get more out of my day, maybe even exercise before the sun comes up, any tips (??). My favourite thing about my job is the people I get to work with every single day. I said to my parents after I’d only been here a week that “I didn’t think it was possible to laugh so much in one day”. It’s also pretty special being able to help clients bring their goals to life, and seeing our super talented team do their thing.

What do you do at SBD? I’m an account manager which essentially means I coordinate loads of projects at any one time; planning, monitoring, overseeing, and closing. Some people ask why you need account managers and its pretty simple – It’s so that our talented designers can focus on what they do best and create beautiful designs. We are there to handle all the communications and feedback in between to ensure the project stays on track and ultimately the clients are happy with the end result.

If you weren’t doing that, what would you be doing? Ever since I can remember I wanted to work for the CIA or be a secret investigator, I even looked at colleges for this when I finished school (HA. Imagine?) But then I realised I’d be living a life in fear and who wants that. I’m glad I didn’t pursue that because I somehow landed my dream job at 25 that honestly I couldn’t have even dreamt up.

You’re on a desert island and can only listen to one album for the rest of your days. Which one is it? Oh this is so tough, I have such a varied taste. But there’s one album I never ever get sick of – Bon Iver’s ‘For Emma’. Although it is my sleep playlist too so I’d probably be snoozin on the island 24/7.

What’s your weekend ritual? I don’t really have a ritual as such as every weekend for me is pretty different but this is what last weekend consisted of: A barista shift at a cute cafe in Annandale, then a much needed sleep in on Sunday till about 10am, then I walked down to Cali Press for an acai bowl (SOO eastern suburbs of me I know) and read the latest issue of Frankie, then spent a few hours snorkelling at Gordons Bay, and finished off with some beers and a comedy show in Surry Hills. And it felt like the BEST weekend.

What’s the best choice you’ve made so far in life?Quitting uni mid-semester and not turning up for my Economics exam because I booked a one-way ticket to Canada for a snow season, and it turned out to be the best 6 months of my life!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? Definitely, time travel because I have a warped sense of time. I always under calculate how long it will take me to get somewhere because I never factor in traffic or bus delays. I’m always thinking I’ll be lucky and get a smooth ride…. every time (not the case) It would also mean I could pop home for the weekend where my parents and puppy live, and this is where I feel most content and truly happy.

Coffee order? A triple shot espresso. Yessss I know…. I don’t enjoy the taste of coffee, but I drink it for the energy it gives me, I used to chase it down with orange juice but I’ve come pretty far and now chase it back with water.

If you weren’t living in Sydney, where would you choose and why? On the south coast just out of Sydney – I think this part of Australia is so under-estimated, it is picturesque green rolling mountains literally meeting the sea. I’d love a little cottage high up on the hill, with 100 dogs.

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