a week with the smack bang team – hannah

a week with the smack bang team – hannah

Each one of team members play an important role in keeping this well-oiled machine, not only running but churning out brilliant ideas and projects on the reg. In our ‘meet the team’ series, we give you a little more insight into the talented folk that make up our Smack Bang family. 

My name is Hannah (but also answer to H, Han, Hanni, Hansy, Spanner, Banana, Kabannah) and my mum would say I’m an overly fast talker but I think It’s just an efficient kind of enthusiasm. The first thing I do when I wake up is look out the window and check the weather/greet the sun, and at the end of the day I take the ferry to Manly and walk along the beach home. My favourite thing about my job is connecting people, and ideas, and finding ways to make the inspirational practical.

What do you do at SBD? I market Smack Bang Designs itself! In essence this means managing how we as a brand look/sound/feel and interact with the outside world through content strategy, strategic partnerships and new product/service development.

If you weren’t doing that, what would you be doing? Maybe a masseuse…but exclusively for babies… (Yeah, it’s a real thing!)

You’re on a desert island and can only listen to one album for the rest of your days. Which one is it? Ooh, tough. This could be cheating, but I’m nominating BBC Radio One’s Live Lounge compilation. A bit like Triple J’s Like a Version, it’s full of amazing rearrangements of iconic songs and reminds me of London summers as a teenager – and all the rich and colourful talent that city breeds.

What’s your weekend ritual? Zumba for energy and yoga for calm. Bypass breakfast and lunch and merge them into an obnoxiously large and long brunch. Scratch my creative itch at a market. Hit a beach and plug into a podcast or book. Soak in some Vit D. Dive under the salty waves. Catch sunset with friends on a rock or a balcony. Wander home and cook dinner with whoever’s around, or head out in search of great music.

What’s the best choice you’ve made so far in life? Following my gut when it made absolutely no real sense and moving to Sydney at 18 for uni. Then listening to a different organ – my heart – four years later when it brought me back again. A bit like Australia’s native boomerang, every nomadic journey seems to culminate here, and the choice keeps paying off.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? Sing like Aretha Franklin! (Farfetched I know, but isn’t that the point of a superpower?)

Coffee order? (Bon)soy flat white.

If you weren’t living in Sydney, where would you choose and why? Bangalow, in Northern NSW, where I renovated an old Queenslander 18 months ago and now let it as a guesthouse. (Honest answer, but also a shameless plug for you to come stay!)

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