Bang for your buck, blogging style

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Imagine for a second, sitting down at your computer, and before your fingertips even touch the keyboard, you have an endless flow of amazing ideas supported by an immaculate vocabulary. Your fingertips can hardly move fast enough to keep up with your mind and the page in front of you fills with ease.

Would be nice right?!

Its important to know that the blood, sweat and tears of writing a blog post is well worth the effort. Here are some reasons why…

-Increases your chances of being found using search engines. Each blog post essentially becomes another web page on your site, therefore offering more content to be picked up in search engines.
-You get to showcase your area of expertise and earn credibility, with the goal of becoming the go-to-guy in your industry.
-Content curation: Provides great original content to push through your social channels.
-It sends a message to search engines and lets them know your site is still alive and kicking, and they should be stopping in regularly to pick up content to use.

But you’re still not convinced that forcing yourself to take out an hour of your extremely busy schedule to sit down and write a blog post, (especially when you suck at writing)? Well, here are some more ways to get even more bang for your buck in the world of blogging… You’ll be pleased to know that most of these don’t involve you blogging harder, just smarter.

    The idea behind this is quite simple – every time you publish a new blog post, your subscribers get a little tap on the shoulder via email. That’s a fairly valuable tool to help bring people back to your site on a regular basis, so you should try to give people as many opportunities as possible to sign up.A couple of ways to help grow your subscriber list might include:
    – sign up applications on your social platforms.
    – a pop-up subscription window on your homepage when people land.
    – a visible subscription form on the blog itself.
    – subscribe icons on your web pages, for example, an RSS icon.
    If you’ve written a ripper of a blog post, you want people to be able to show you some online love by sharing it on their social platforms. To be able to do this your blog has to be optimised for social media, this means including social sharing buttons and social follow buttons.  This is crucial for the social survival of your blog.
    Your blog should be at the heart of all your content marketing efforts. Getting your mitts on post-worthy content can be a difficult task at times, so having a consistent and active blog can provide a bit of respite from this.
    Not only are you increasing your online findability and industry credibility, you are creating original content ready to be rolled out via your social channels. Just think, that’s an extra hour you don’t have to spend trawling through Pinterest for another inspirational quote.
    After the dust has settled from your latest blog post and you’ve lured all you can with your witty, attention grabbing blog titles you should think about changing the titles to something a little more SEO friendly.  Older blog posts quickly get buried under new blog posts and you can make those older ones a little easier to find by reworking their titles, for example, you could change: “How clever packaging design can make you millions”, to “Packaging design: what you need to know”.  This is more explicit and clear which will allow search engines to grab the key words more easily.
    Put yourself in the mind of a potential customer and think of keywords or phrases they might ask a search engine.  For example, a potential client doing research for a new logo design might type in “what makes a good logo”, and bingo, you’ve got your next topic. What this does is help your blog post feature in the ranks next time a person types a similar question in.
    Blogs posts are like the endurance athletes of the online world, they just keep on going.  Once you click publish that blog post will continue to work for weeks, months and even years after it was published, as long as its content remains relevant. Use your analytics to have a peek at those posts that performed really well. Could any of those use an update? This could be as simple as giving it another edit to make it sound better, or reworking the words to make it pack even more of an SEO punch.

Yes, we know business blogging can be mind boggling. But the one thing that you need to remember is the interconnectedness between your blog, SEO and social media and how they all rely on one another to achieve a common goal, which is to generate leads and direct some action to your website. You’ve got this!

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