How to Create an Epic Workspace

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My team can vouch for me when I say this, I am ridiculously obsessed with ensuring the Smack Bang studio is an epic workspace. It’s our sanctuary, our cave, our castle, and we each spend at between 40-60 hours a week here.

Whether it’s your sweaty little garage, your best mates dirty den or a mid-grey five-foot-square cubicle; the space you work in makes a huge difference to the work you’re producing. I can 100% guarantee that an epic workspace is more conducive to creating epic work.

By investing a little bit of time, effort and coin into creating a positive workplace, you can ensure a happier and more engaged team. As a business owner, the onus is on you to set the tone of totally radical.

Here are a few quick tips for creating an epic workspace:

    Give your employees the chance to play everyday. Although it’s important that we meet deadlines and produce amazing work, I am very conscious that my staff members are all of the human species and they thrive off interaction, fun and frivolity. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we make sure that we do a fun and out of the box activity at least once a fortnight.
    I say it so often that I that I probably drive my team completely bonkers, but at Smack Bang I want everyone to drive the bus. I give my posse huge amounts of freedom and input as to how our little company is run. If your team feels as though their opinions don’t matter they will become disengaged and disconnected from the greater purpose. Allowing them creative input and suggestions also means that the days when you have small fires burning in every corner of your brain and are so tired you can even string two sentences together, you’ve got a backup team ready to make shit happen.
    If you’ve read our previous blogs, you’ve probably gathered by now that I am a real sucker for members of the flora community. If you only do one thing to optimize your workspace, invest in a couple of plant friends. Check out my previous blog for a rant about why we are so obsessed with working in our own little amazon oasis. As an aside to this, natural light is up there with the most valuable players in creating an epic workspace. If at all possible, choose a space with windows galore. In this case, more is more and the bigger the better. When I’m looking for a space, this is one of my first considerations. A big dose of natural light brings energy into your workspace and definitely makes for easier pre-coffee mornings.
    I am hands-down the most ruthless person I know when it comes to throwing out junk. I throw things out just to feel the sensation of letting go and clearing space for the new. I’m very keen on clean, tidy and clutter-free workspaces. Humans have a tendency to fill the space they’ve got, no matter how big or small. Try not to fall into the habit of using your desk as a hotspot for everything that crosses your path during the working week. Instead, cull the clutter and ensure that things in your workspace fall into two categories only; productive or inspiring. Everything else should receive a stern invitation to get the hell outta here!
    It is your responsibility to make sure that your staff aren’t burning the midnight oil. If an employee is clocking up the hours, suffering from hair-loss and feeling as though they may spontaneously combust at any given moment, it is your responsibility to intervene. Maintaining a good work-life balance is hard, but it is particularly hard when you have a to-do list that is longer than the great wall of China and the ending is as nearby as a desert mirage. It’s important to identify who is drowning in their workload and to swiftly implement solutions to cut back their time on the job.
    Your workspace should be a never-ending pool of education and inspiration. It is up to you, as the business owner to support and encourage your team to be constantly stretching and learning. Cultivate curiosity and a culture of wanting to know more. Sign employees up for courses, constantly provide feedback and never ever let a creative brain go hungry.

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