Ebook: The Brand Plan

Our new ebook is the foundational resource all new, existing, tired, bored and fast-growing brands are looking for.

This Ebook teaches you how to lay the perfect foundations for a booming brand. It’s your secret weapon to give your brand clarity from the get-go.

If you feel like you need clarity, strategy and a PLAN, then we’ve got just the thing for you.

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We’ve built a resource that teaches you how to lay the perfect foundations for a booming brand. It’s a deep dive into crafting the perfect brand, pinpointing your positioning, humanising your brand and owning your niche.

So, what do we cover?

01 What even is branding?

When branding is done right, it has power. Power to shape perception, power to influence choice and power to spark a new conversation. Get clear on who you are, what you do and why you do it, so that you can more effectively attract, engage and sell what you offer to your dream customers.

02 The anatomy of your brand foundations

In today’s world, running a business without a clear brand strategy is as risky as a toupe in a tornado. Learn how to fine-tune your brand foundations to ensure instant street cred and longevity in the game.

03 Brand positioning and perceptions

In this crazy clicking-tweeting-poking world of ours, brand reputation can be both built and destroyed faster than you can say ‘Uber’. We teach you how to craft the right perception that resonates with the right audience.

04 Building your brand DNA

Your brand values, vision, mission and promise are the key components to a brand with strong foundations and emotional resonance. We guide you through developing a compelling brand with intentional alignment.

05 Defining your target market

Pin-point and fine-tune your ultimate customer to build a more aligned brand that speaks directly to the heart of your demographic to connect and convert.

06 Humanising your brand

Giving your brand a human heart gives your bottom line a kick start. We show you how to build a brand personality that ignites a love affair between your product and those ready to experience it.

07 Competitor deep dive

Do you feel like you’re fighting for attention in a noisy industry? Let us guide you through a formula to discover, define and distil your secret weapon to becoming irreplaceable.

08 Brand execution and evolution

Together, we will build your brand in its entirety from wherever you are now to a comprehensive and compelling brand narrative that attracts your dream clients, stat.

09 Your brand voice

Lost for words? We’ve dedicated an entire chapter to crafting your unique brand voice. We teach you how to make your writing instantly more relatable, craft copy that connects and converts and develop a brand voice that attracts your ideal customers.

10 Your brand aesthetics

We all know that good design is good business. But how do you craft the perfect brand aesthetic? We teach you how to cut through the clutter and give your brand clarity and clout from the get go.

11 What’s in a rebrand?

We walk you through the ins and outs of refreshing your brand to further clarify what you stand for, find better fitting clients and feel 110% confident when talking about your business.


Make no mistake: This is not your average ebook. This is a deep dive, 60,000 word actionable ecourse that delivers everything you need to build the foundations of a strong and successful brand.

Sound like it was made for you? That’s because it was.

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