How to embrace change and innovate your brand with Mukti.

Mukti Organics Smack Bang Designs
Mukti Organics Smack Bang Designs
Mukti Organics Smack Bang Designs
Mukti Organics Smack Bang Designs

20 years ago Mukti was working as a beauty therapist and – as cliché as it may sound now – found that natural options for her clients’ skin concerns were extremely limited. 

In an industry where self confessed ‘natural’ brands are often far from it, her aim was to reconnect people back to the essence of nature, creating health and happiness via toxin free lifestyles and beauty regimes. Since inception in 2000, Mukti Organics has always embraced change, strategically adapting their packaging and look at least half a dozen times.

We have recently had the pleasure of designing the elevation of Mukti Organics’ original logo allowing the brand to flow and create a luxurious feel, whilst maintaining its organic roots.

Building a brand takes more than a little elbow grease as Mukti explains. We get to the heart of what it takes to stay ahead of the game

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Mukti Organics Smack Bang Designs
Mukti Organics Smack Bang Designs
  1. HOW DO YOU TAKE YOUR COFFEE? OR ARE YOU MORE OF A TEA-LOVER? Bulletproof first up to kick start the day. It’s so good my pooch tries to steal some from my bedside table. I’m impartial to tea come the afternoon (minus the caffeine) and love a good chai latte or something lemongrass, spearmint flavoured.
  2. TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS JOURNEY WITH MUKTI, WE’D LOVE A LITTLE HISTORY LESSON… Well way back before the turn of the century around 1998, I recognised a niche for organic skincare. At that stage there was no certification or competitors in the space. With a baby strapped in a caboose, I began the creative alchemy process in my laundry and then pedalled my wares at the local markets. I had the foresight to start collecting email addresses and a hence a database and grew the business from there. I then followed the Colonel Sander’s method and relentless went door knocking. I shoved my foot firmly in the crack and preached my elevator pitch.
  3. DID YOU ALWAYS KNOW YOU WANTED TO LAUNCH AND RUN YOUR OWN VENTURE? Yes. I always figured from a young age that I was unemployable I just needed to work out what the niche was. That took a little longer to transpire.
Mukti Organics Smack Bang Designs

“If you don’t know something or it’s not your area of expertise, put your hand up and ask someone that does. Be fearless. Listen more, talk less. Always trust and refine your intuition. Meditate, trust and be inspired by nature, she is our greatest teacher.”

  1. WHAT DID THE FIRST EVER BRIEF YOU SENT TO SBD INCLUDE? My eldest daughter discovered SBD on Instagram. We were ready to rebrand and update all of our packaging so it was a complete design and packaging overhaul.
  2. WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE AN AGENCY OVER A FREELANCE CONTRACTOR?   We wanted to work with a team. We liked that SBD was fresh and creating exciting and innovative designs. The biggest benefit of working with an agency is the collaborative outcomes and input from a team. There’s more inspiration and creativity and a feedback circuit that involves more than one person. There’s less chance of bias.
  3. HOW AND WHY HAVE YOUR CREATIVE NEEDS GROWN OVER THE YEARS?The organic skincare space is fairly busy these days so we have to keep reinventing and coming up with niche products ahead of the pack. Being a boutique brand, we are able to actualise our ideas and launch products without having to jump a lot of corporate hurdles and restrictive barriers.
  4. DO YOU ENJOY A COLLABORATIVE APPROACH OR OUTSOURCING SPECIALIST AREAS OF THE BUSINESS? We engage in both approaches dependent on our needs and strengths. I think it’s vitally important to nurture individual creativity and input. Over the years, I have learnt to be more open and trusting and less controlling. Listening is invaluable tool.
  5. DID YOU HAVE A CLEAR IDEA OF HOW YOU WANTED IT TO LOOK – AND BE PLACED – IN THE MARKET? HOW HAS THIS CHANGED OVER TIME? It’s continually morphing with the landscape and market demands. We want to be taken seriously. Organic can also mean results driven. Education is key so we are now looking for placement where this message can be clearly portrayed and the brand experience is all encompassing from a wellness perspective. It’s important that your philosophy and principles is aligned with whoever is selling the product otherwise the message gets lost.
Mukti Organics Smack Bang Designs
  1. WHAT HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST LEARNING IN THE CONTINUED DESIGN PROCESS OF THE BRAND? The name Mukti means rebirth in Hindu so I have certainly lived up to my name. Since inception in 2000, we have changed the packaging and look at least half a dozen times. I think it’s important to embrace change. To be fluid and not to stay stuck or set on one idea. We have recently incorporated an updated logo which at first seemed terrifying (but with a little hand holding and deep breathing) the result is a fresh and current look.
  2. YOUR TAGLINE IS ‘INSPIRED BY NATURE’ – HOW DOES THIS FILTER THROUGH INTO THE CREATIVE? I believe all humans desire and wish to return to a deep nature connection. It’s what’s missing in most of our busy, goal focussed lives. It’s what grounds us and brings us into the present. We endeavour to relay that through the sensory and physical experience of using our products. Through our imagery and brand messaging, we encourage simple acts. Stop, take a deep breath, look up at the sky, walk on the earth, fill your environment with plants and flowers, give gratitude to nature daily – all of this is possible even if you reside in the metropolis.
  3. HOW IMPORTANT IS THE PACKAGING IN ORDER TO GET PEOPLE TO TRY (AND LOVE) THE PRODUCT? Packaging is my biggest nightmare. I abhor wastage and one use products. We are limited in our capacity to recycle and refill at this stage but it is a goal to become completely sustainable in all aspects of the business. Packaging has to look great, stand out and be functional. I have learnt over the years that you are never going to be able to please everyone. We were one of the first brands in Australia to use biophotonic glass as it’s the optimal receptacle for the storage of perishables.
  4. WE LOVE WORKING WITH YOUR BRAND AS IT GROWS – WHAT WOULD YOU SAY ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF WORKING WITH A STUDIO WHO HAS SEEN YOU EVOLVE? We have been able to develop a lovely relationship and deep understanding where we grow and evolve together and support each other in the process.
  5. HOW HAS YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY FOR MUKTI ORGANICS DEVELOPED OVER THE YEARS? We are constantly refining this. We have been rather ad hoc and reactive in our approach. We now have a dedicated team so there will be some exciting new developments in the coming months.
  6. WHAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT FOCUS AREAS NOW? I have just spent the last couple of years researching and writing my first book “Truth in Beauty”, so I am focussed on marketing that at present. It’s an exciting project that I worked on alongside SBD for creative direction and layout. We have also just launched our new look and rebrand as well as our new website plus more new products are in their discovery phase, so it’s a busy time indeed.
  7. WHAT RECOMMENDATIONS WOULD YOU GIVE TO EMERGING BUSINESSES ON THE BRINK OF DEVELOPING THEIR BRANDS? Look for your niche message – be original and not a (yawn) me too brand. Refine your target market and customer avatar until you live, eat and breathe what their needs are. Build your database, your money is in your list. Always be creative in every area of your business. The less money you have the more creative you need to be. Get a mentor or two. If you don’t know something or it’s not your area of expertise, put your hand up and ask someone that does. As soon as you can afford it, get the right people on the bus. Be fearless. Listen more, talk less. Always trust and refine your intuition (could have saved me 100’s of 1000’s). Meditate, trust and be inspired by nature, she is our greatest teacher.

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