Why Every Brand Needs a Video

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Written by our beloved guest writer and collaborator, Amanda “The Honest” Jones.

Everyone knows that feeling of having your very own ‘local’. Let’s say your particular local comes in the form of a cosy cafe, where the barista knows your name, understands your indulgent coffee order and is beginning to learn your life story. It feels totally boss to sit in your favourite nook while every other sucker has to wait in line to have their order taken. Then the owner comes out and shouts “Jeffro my boy!” (your name is Jeff in this scenario – just go with it) and he enthusiastically chatters to you about the new cupcakes they just got in and brings you one to try for free, a second one tucked away in a takeaway box for breakfast 2.0 in an hour.

Connection and community is at the core of any successful brand. The more your people feel connected and valued, the greater the sense of community and buzz surrounding your product or service. It is in your best interest to engage with your people on various levels and through several different touch points in order to achieve an overall feeling of connectivity – ie. dazzle them from several angles and watch your audience respond!

Just as your favourite ‘local’ breeds a strong sense of familiarity, connection and intimacy, you can help replicate the same feeling through video. No matter the size of your brand, a video seamlessly connects the owner/founder/concept mastermind directly to the customer. Only, this customer does not have to live down the street to feel this connection – video has global reach. Nothing speaks louder than action, and that’s exactly what video is!

Everybody loves a good list. So here is one about the no-brainer benefits of video that make it a deadset non-negotiable for your brand:

    More than just a photo or a graphic, watching a video is an experience that evokes feeling and emotion. Combined with the fundamental element of music, and perfecting that all-important natural light, video can generate an electric excitement about and connection to a brand that is better than free chocolate samples when you are hangry in Woolies. Your people will love experiencing more about you, and their growing loyalty will prove it.
    Once you’ve carefully curated your unique experience and distilled it into film, one of the best things about video is its readiness to be shared immediately and broadly. In a social-media-obsessed world, creating content that leaves a powerful and lasting impression will improve its shareability and likelihood to turn viral and reach all your ideal people.
    In the same way that we need to FaceTime our distant loved ones rather than endure crackly long distance calls, the power of showing rather than telling is not to be underestimated. Instead of relying on people to use their imagination, show them the brand in action. When you’re able to prove your authenticity, you’ll find brand trust skyrockets as you foster transparency and invite people in. So less talking, more walking! Less standing still, more moving. And video is simply that – moving pictures.
    I am super passionate about process (and you should be too). The process – the way you create – is what makes you, well, different to the others. This is what gives your brand value and this is exactly what a video can communicate. Show others your unique processes, because at the heart of every person lies a deeply entrenched desire to sticky beak behind the veil of other people’s worlds. You’re only human – show off your brand, its backstory, its people and its idea factory.
    With video we see those wonderful faces and humans (not robots) behind your brand. People may be attracted to what your brand can offer them, but if they can connect with a person creating, they will immediately form a relationship with your brand. Make it your mandate to have every customer feel like they know you.
    Through video, you suddenly have access to people’s lounge rooms, their morning coffee and Instagram scroll, their family dinners, the loo…anywhere they can take an iPhone, you can be there too. Keep that in mind, because whatever content you decide to release will float right into the hands of your customers.
    Your video may not be a fairy tale with princes and castles, but it tells the story of you. And let’s face it, everyone loves a good story. Storytelling is what branding is all about – taking your people on a journey and inviting them to be a character in the tale.
    If the rise of Snapchat has taught us anything, it’s that people love transparency. There is more and more demand for authentic, genuine content that doesn’t sugar coat or overstate the facts. A good video will show the true you in a way that connects with your audience and leaves a feeling that they won’t forget.

We recently teamed up with Amanda to throw together this rad little film. Easy for some, gobsmackingly impossible for the rest of us mere mortals! Luckily, collaboration is our very favourite thing in all the land, and it’s friendships like this that help us deliver the most tippy tippy top services to our beloved clients. Your brand might love a little video TLC too – get in touch if you’d like to make some moving pictures!

Check out Amanda’s website and instagram for more creative-lovin’.

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