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I am interested in working with you, how do we get started?

We love welcoming new people into our little Smack Bang family, so please take off your shoes, grab a cup of tea and say hi via email or through our contact form on the contact page of our site. Once your mind is made, we’ll send through a contract and invoice. We require a 60% deposit on all projects so that we can book you into one of our talented designers’ calendars.

I live in a far away place, can we still work together?

Absolutely! More than half of our clients are from outside of Sydney, and a fairly large portion are spread worldwide, so distance is not a consideration. As long as you have access to the internet and email, we’re ready to roll!

What are your payment terms?

To kick off a project, we require a 60% deposit. The remaining 40% is paid half-way through your project. On occasions, we are happy to negotiate (where possible) payment terms that suit both parties.

Why do you require a 50% deposit before we can get started on my project?

As my mum likes to say, it’s all about ‘first in, first served’ here at SBD. We believe in fairness and equality which means we require 60% of your project total to be paid before you’re placed on our calendar (we like using pen, not pencil when we book you in). Since we don’t reserve slots, clients who sign their contracts and pay the deposit will have their project placed in our next available slot. We’re a small studio with lots of enquiries, our designers book out quickly and we would hate for you to miss out because another client pulled the pin at the last minute. So book us in baby!

Do you accept PayPal?

Nope, unfortunately not. After much deliberation, we decided that charging you more to cover the large fee PayPal take out of our final payment is definitely not our thing, so whilst we’re not refusing just to ‘stick it to the man’ we don’t accept PayPal at this time. We do however like to keep our accountant happy, so we accept bank transfers and money orders (someone suggested we say brownies too, but Tess insisted it wasn’t a form of payment). That being said, if PayPal is your only option, we’ll set our SBD elves into motion to see if we can work something out.


What is the difference between a logo and visual identity?

A logo is a graphic image, motif or typographic element which identifies your business/brand. A visual identity usually incorporates a logo or typographic motif but also includes image style, a colour palette, a font suite and supporting design elements. All of these visual elements make up your identity, and become your visual language. This language is documented and depicted in a style guide.

Why do you create logos in black and white first?

We always present our logos in black and white to begin with. Then, once we’ve rolled out the rest of your branding and have a good idea of what your colour palette, image direction, and overall branding will look like, we can make an informed decision as to what colours we feel your logo will work best in.

Why don’t we use the fonts used in your logo throughout the rest of the branding?

We give exclusivity to the font/s used in your logo for a few different reasons:

We want to make sure that your logo always has the highest priority when it comes to page/design hierarchy. By repeating fonts from your logo in a heading or pull quote, the hierarchy becomes unbalanced and the focus is shared between the heading and the logo.

90% of the time, the font/s we use in your logo are either custom type (crafted by our clever typographers) or customised fonts. This means, that the usability of this typography as a font is very limited because it will not look like the logo font and will therefore feel unbalanced/inconsistent

We choose fonts for your brand that all build towards a rock solid brand personality. The more tools we have to do so, the more powerful the outcome.

How do design concepts differ from design revisions?

Design concepts can be thought of as different design directions or different creative directions. Generally speaking, we will offer 2-3 different logo concepts or versions for one company.

Once you have narrowed down your choice to one or two concepts from the many presented, we then refine or tweak your choice. These are referred to as design revisions and involve changes to shape, font, and proportions of the logo, but typically don’t involve changing the concept of the logo itself.

What constitutes a round of revisions?

Within the scope of logo design, we offer 1-3 concepts with 3 rounds of ‘revisions’. A round refers to the action of us interpreting your feedback and actioning it to present you with a new concept. To make the most of your round, be sure to compile all of your feedback into one concise email with clear feedback. This way, we will be able to ensure we action all elements of your feedback to make sure you don’t ‘use up’ a design round unnecessarily.


What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is designed to automatically shrink and expand when viewed on a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone. By having a website that is easily viewed on mobile devices means that you give far greater access to your online content to your viewer. With the introduction of the iPhone and iPad, the use of mobile website viewing has had a staggering increase of users. Getting your website designed as a responsive site is almost essential for the future viewing of your site as more and more people go mobile. Yes, we do design responsive websites.

Do you need all of my content before you can get started?

We certainly do! Almost all projects will require content up front. Design is a little like the love child of tetris and a jigsaw puzzle – we have to consider all elements and understand the overall intended outcome before we even start to fit the pieces together. We don’t only have to consider the relationship between images and text (for example) but things like the amount of copy you provide, the number of images and even the orientation of the photos effects the design we produce. After we receive your brief, we’ll have a chat to you to discuss if we need to tailor elements of our process to suit your project.

Can you write my content for me?

Yes we surely can. As you know, content is king – especially when it comes to the online world. In order to attract more visitors to your site, its important that you have good content which will not only showcases your business but can be used as a tool for search engines to rank your website by applying your keywords and keyword phrases where possible.

We have a team of very talented copywriters that can edit existing content or create brand spankin’ content from scratch to ensure your website not only looks great but reads well.

I’m new to WordPress, can you walk me through how to use it?

Don’t stress, we’re not one to abandon you in unknown territory, once your website project is complete, we’ll walk you through the custom aspects of your site. That being said, this service is reserved for our clients and we don’t offer general WordPress tutorials or support. If you’re unfamiliar with WordPress or looking to learn more, we’d love to introduce you to our best mate, WordPress Tutorials at Lynda. These guys are seriously awesome; there’s a low monthly fee and the topics are broken up so they’re easy to find and you can learn what’s most relevant to you at any given time. Super flexible and easy to use!

Will I have access to my dashboard or do all changes need to go through you?

Never ones for stifling your big ideas, we believe in empowering our clients when it comes to their site content. During the early stages of development, we like to let our developers have the ability to run free and work their magic on your site, so you may not have access to your dashboard for a small period of time, however once that’s finished to our high standard, we’ll give you back the keys so that you can make any additions and changes to your pages and blog posts. There may be some coding-based adjustments you would like to make down the road, and we’re more than happy to help out with those, but remember that our hourly rate will apply.

Can I update my website on my own?

Yes, you will be able to update your website as you wish. We build all of our websites with a user-friendly content management system.  A content management system is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your website, much like your local library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. The biggest advantage of using our chosen CMS is that it requires very little technical skill or knowledge to manage.

Do you help with search engine optimisation?

We don’t offer an SEO service as such, but rest assured, our design team is well equipped in creating SEO optimised websites and, just like that relentless mosquito when you’re trying to sleep, will design your website with that buzzing around our heads. In the coding and development stage of your site, the developer will take into consideration some Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices, however we don’t offer SEO services beyond installation of an SEO plugin and creating seriously clean code – which we know Google adores! We’re a huge fan of networking and have some awesome connections in this industry, which means that if you need assistance in this area, we can recommend an SEO strategist that you can work with to get your site kicking goals!

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