We spoke with wellbeing expert and founder of Krumbled, Keira, about getting real on social media.

We spoke with wellbeing expert and founder of Krumbled, Keira, about getting real on social media.

As our studio is full of clever, passionate and hilarious (self-proclaimed) women, we feel it’s vital to celebrate and promote the great work of International Women’s Day. 

Over the course of this week, leading up to IWD, we will be featuring empowering businesswomen from a range of fields, including finance, education, health, and social enterprise. We’ve curated a list of  incredible female role models and brands who put their values at the heart of their business and shared them in a blog series, just for you. So, put those feet up, pour yourself that overdue glass of red and get ready to be inspired.

Meet Keira, the holistic wellbeing expert and founder of Krumbled. After struggling with her own health battles this self-confessed foodie is now an ambassador for showing others just how easy it is to encompass a healthy lifestyle, no matter where you are or what you are doing. It’s all about finding your unique, individual, balance.

We spoke to Keira about her business and where her passion for women’s health all started, as well as the hard-hitting question – social media, friend or foe? Plus, if you’re in need of a lil’ social detox – Keira’s given us her top 3 tips for switching off and getting back into the world.

You’ve built an incredible brand in just a few short years, tell us a little bit about Krumbled and how it came to be.

Krumbled began as a little food blog! Documenting my weight loss journey through healthy recipes & snacks. My love for healthy living then helped evolve Krumbled into more of a “lifestyle” type company with the focus to create an online destination for the modern day woman. Krumbled Foods then began from Krumbled, when I saw a huge gap in the market place for healthy snacking options that actually were as healthy as they claimed to be.

Why do you believe it is so important for women to live a wholesome/healthy life?

I am a huge believer in the mind gut connection, with the mind being your “second gut”. The saying you are what you eat, is so true. I am at my happiest when I am fueling my mind and body with nourishing food.

Where does your passion for health and wellness come from?

My love of food has been instilled in me since I was a young child, and I think deep down my passion for how I feel when I am at my best has always been there. However, my health and wellness journey truly started when my health was on the decline, I spent more of my time inside doctors surgeries than outside at one point. I find this is the case with a lot of business owners within the health and wellbeing space!

What’s your number one tip for moving towards living a more balanced and wholesome life?

Start small! Get walking, get outside, embrace nature. Everything in moderation is key, I find myself wanting what I can’t have (that cheese and wine duo gets me every time).

Having such a strong online presence, we thought we’d ask the hard question, social media – friend or foe?

When used correctly, social media can be an incredibly powerful tool. I always like to do a bit of a “cleanse” every now and then. If an account doesn’t light me up, or inspire me – it is time to unfollow. There is nothing worse than being 45 mins deep into a social media vortex and to start feeling crappy about yourself.

Do you find it challenging to have a job that is so interconnected with social media?

Yes, 100%. I feel quite drained at times, however taking time offline a few times a year has really helped me to stay in tune with my creative side. I love to create a story through imagery and words, and help spread the word of just how important and easy it is to live a healthy and happy life.

We love that you speak out about large issues that are often classed as taboo online. Why do you feel it is important to break through the stigma around social media?

In a world where the Kardashians and waist trainers are a norm, I really feel that there needs to be more “realness” online.

Mental health is something that I have struggled with, and it honestly scares me to think of the way that the younger generation is being brought up, being so connected yet disconnected online. I think it is so important for people to speak the truth, to hopefully help shift the conversation.

What are your top 3 tips for ‘switching off’ social media and reconnecting with the world?

  1. If you are really reliant on your phone/social media. Start small. Start by going for a walk without your phone. Or make a conscious effort when going out to eat with someone that you keep your phone away. Unless that is, you have a instaworthy #foodporn snap you have to get. Haha.
  2. Delete the app for a few days (puts that temptation to rest!)
  3. Instagram has a great feature where you can set an activity limit. For me, I set mine at 30 minutes, I allow myself 30 minutes each day to just “scroll”. Obviously when I have a post or something going on that day I find myself on it for longer, but I found setting this time reminder is a great way to monitor your time spent online. As soon as that reminder comes up, I instantly put my phone down, and try and be more conscious of my surroundings.

What is one social account you can’t go more than one day without checking and why? (e.g. someone who provides you with constant laughs, maybe an inspirational figure or a brand that you are obsessed with?)

I don’t actively go out and check the below accounts, but these are some of my fav!






We know it’s cliche, but, what’s the best advice you would give to your younger self?

Everything happens for a reason, even if you endure some horrific things in life, trust your journey.

Last but not least, who would you say has been your hero, or greatest inspiration growing up and why?

You can’t go past Michelle Obama or Oprah. They are absolutely incredible, loving, and giving women that have devoted their lives to creating a better world.

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