How To Get The Most Out Of Your Designer

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Designer

There are different breeds of individuals in the world excelling in their unique skill sets and being highly sought after for their craft. It ain’t no secret that if you expect to be anything in this world, you’ve gotta learn the art of collaboration, or as it is more commonly known, working with polar opposites to achieve a common goal. The more inclusive you are of different approaches to working and executing projects, the better.

Designers are visual communicators; that is, they see the world differently to others, and for this they are celebrated and in-demand.  Where you might see schedules, numbers and graphs for example, they are more likely to see colours, symmetry and form. Before you shake your head and shrug your shoulders in confused befuddlement, think for a second: it is hugely beneficial to have several different skill sets covering all the bases. Many hands make light work, and many different types of brainiacs make your work exceptional.

There’s an almost ethereal mystery to the art of dealing with designers, and extracting their best work by speaking their language. With that in mind, I’ve created this checklist to help save you time, money and bucket loads of frustration.

I’ve created this checklist to help save you time, money and bucket loads of frustration.

    Do your research – the more work you can do ahead of time, the smoother the process will be for both you and your designer. Have a solid idea of what sort of style you are after – think colours, fonts, textures and all kinds of visual vibes. Trawl the labyrinth that is pinterest and collate examples of designs you like and (just as importantly), designs you hate. The more the merrier.
    Write a well defined, crystal brief. This is more so for yourself than the designer. By putting your internal monologue of design chitter chatter onto paper you will become more clear about what it is that you want. Be specific, describe in detail and work out your budget.
    Approach the project with open mind and be prepared for the vision to grow, evolve and change in the process. Have a pen on paper brainstorming session with your designer and talk about all the possibilities before launching into the project. Two heads are better than one, and most likely your designer is well equipped and super dooper creatively experienced, so trust them to do their job.
    Try to provide feedback quickly and efficiently. Put it all in writing and break it down for your designer – Why don’t you like it? Is it because of the colours? The fonts? The layout? Or because the logo looks slightly phallic? Spell it out. The more detailed your feedback, the sooner you can have exactly what you want. Also, don’t assume that you can mix and match concepts, often the designer has created different concepts that work within their particular style/theme but mixing pieces from here and there may clash or become convoluted.

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