How to Resize Your Images

How to Resize Your Images

Using a Mac:

#1. Open finder by clicking on the mac icon in the dock


#2. Navigate to the folder that contains the image you are keen to resize


#3. Right click the image you want to resize and select “Open with > Preview”. The image will
open in a new window within the Preview application.


#4. Within Preview, select “Tools > Adjust Size” from the menu


#5. Highlight the “Width” field and enter the desired width of the image. Keep “Scale
Proportionally” box ticked so that you do not warped the image.


#6. Select “Ok” to save. The image will change size in the Preview window.


#7. Select “Save” or “Save as” from the “File” menu. “Save” will replace the original image with a
resized version, whereas “Save As” will allow you to save it as a new image under a new name.



Using a Windows PC:

#1. Open Windows Live Photo Gallery application. You’ll see thumbnails of all your photos.

#2. Select the image you would like to resize. From the “Edit” menu, select “Resize”.


#3. A pop-up window will appear that offers a drop-down list of sizes ranging from Smaller to Large. There is also an option to select ‘Custom’, which allows you to manually enter your desired dimensions if you have a specific size in mind.


#4. Once you’ve selected your desired size, click “Resize” and then “Save”. Pressing “Save” will mean that you will override the previous image size. If you’d prefer to make a new image at the new size (and keep the original), click “Browse”. This will bring up a list of folders. Selecting a different folder to save in will keep the original image as it is.

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