Why it’s Important to Define Your Brand Personality

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Have you ever had a girlfriend call you up after a date gushing that she is falling head over heels for old Mr McDate-Date, only he has the personality of a stale bread loaf? Of course not, because your friends are clever and bubbling over with self-worth and discernment. Personality is perhaps the most vital quality we look for in a partner, friend, outfit, house… so why should it be any different when we’re talking brands?

When plotting the personality of your brand, work out who your brand needs to speak to. Assess your brand’s aesthetic and give your brand a voice. This will make your brand so much more than a tool for selling or sprucing and transform it into a trusty member of your audience’s family, something they keep coming back to.

    When a brand connects with its people, it is more than likely that it spoke their language, caught their eye and sparked their curiosity. Try pulling that magic without a stellar personality! Work out the key vocabulary that your brand voice should use. What are your buzzwords? What is your tone of voice? What are some words that your brand would never be caught dead saying? Add the sparkle, cut the drivel and make sure to be hard and fast with these rules no matter what platform you are using, from social media, to website copy, to chats with strangers on the escalator.
    Show ‘em your values, and they’ll show you their loyalty. The values of the people behind the brand, the values of the brand as a whole: show them off like you did your glow-in-the-dark yoyo in 1997. When a brand has personality, it can more readily articulate these values and promote them with more conviction than a brand that has the personality levels of a desk lamp. Values will attract like minded people, like minded collaborators and like minded customers. When values are expressed with personality and are in keeping with a brand’s tone of voice and overall vibes, the sky’s the limit, Buzz.
    It’s what’s on the inside that counts, okay? But we’re visual creatures, us mere mortals, and we like pretty things like moths like a lightbulb. A little bit of style goes a long, long way, and personality and aesthetics tend to go hand-in-hand like Sunday’s and morning chai when we’re talking branding and business. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or are familiar with the SBD ethos, you would have heard us bang on a good few times about the importance of consistency. The visual personality of your brand, teamed with its values and its message all work together to create bucketloads of personality is a sure-fire path to realising those vision boards you’ve had propped up next to your bed for years and years.

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