Jess Ruhfus’ Top Ten

Jess Ruhfus’ Top Ten

The process of raising capital for my tech startup Collabosaurus has been eye-opening in more ways than one. Not only is it a brisk shove into a new perspective, it has really been a process that’s forced me to take stock of how far we’ve come. When I needed to wrap-up the last few personal and professional life phases in the space of one minute, it didn’t take long for a teeny swelling of pride to happen, and that’s a feeling I’d been missing for the last 12 months.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. As a little baby business like Collabosaurus gets older to me, it’s easy to forget how new and shiny she really is to the rest of the world. Gosh, it’s exciting. I highly recommend mapping out a timeline of awesome things that have happened or that you have achieved or experienced. My list of ten is truly a representation of how flipping nostalgic I’ve become now that everything business-wise is moving in fast-forward. I hope they bring you some joy, too!

    How good is ye olde snail mail? A handwritten, beautiful card in the mail is tough to beat and that’s why I’m completely obsessed with Thankly. You can choose a card design (they’re all gorgeous), an optional gift, handwriting style – and voila! It arrives to that special someone without the hassle of a post office, a newsagency or your pen running out of ink #mylifestory.
    There’s a bakery *cough* well actually, it’s a ‘croissanterie’ guys… in Melbourne called Lune. Rumour has it, they prepare their croissants over THREE DAYS. That’s the kind of croissant TLC we should all come to expect these days, don’t you think?
    Yeah, it’s intense. But something about this show had me completely hooked because it was such a contrast to how incredible freedom is. Grab some tissues and watch this thing on SBS on demand (bonus points is that it’s free to stream).
    I went to a little bush school for my primary school years. It was hippy as all get-out and in winter we had this incredible, hot spiced apple juice. Sound gross? I promise you it’s amazing. I recently found out that a few cafes are bringing the trend back and I’m hooked! Reubens in Surry Hills does a delicious one.
  5. BAN.DO
    If were a person, they’d be the person everyone wants to be friends with. If you’ve ever received an email from them, you’ll know what I mean. They’re all about colour, individuality, GIFs and wit! Jen Gotch is their fearless leader and a complete hero of mine – go and follow her on Instagram for her awesomeness.
    Gone are the days I worked in fashion PR and wouldn’t be caught dead with a blue, fake leather backpack from Kmart. But it was $6. You can barely travel on public transport for that cheap. I was screwing my back up for months by insisting on my EVER SO STYLISH black handbag – lugging my laptop, charger, notebook, wallet, phone & 100 pieces of random stuff every day to and from the office. I bit the bullet and bought this backpack and haven’t looked back since. Brittany thinks I look “very Google” so I’m rolling with that for now,
    Running a business means serious sacrifice in the holiday department. I haven’t gone overseas in years! BUT I’m newly obsessed with the stay-cation as a cheaper alternative. For my birthday we enlisted the help of Avant Garde Camping Co. who set up a stunning (and massive) bell tent with a real-life bed and all the hotel trimmings on a camping ground of our choice. It was fantastic, something different and it didn’t break the bank.
    I have curly, unruly hair that I annoyingly straighten most days. If I wash my hair – well, that may be a 20 min process for you, but by the time mine is sitting where it should, it’s taken at least an hour. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Dry shampoo sees me through emergencies and an extra day here and there. I love the coconut one by Batiste.
    I’ve been making slow-cooked stews like a crazy person this winter. If I had of bought all of the herbs I have put into these, I would have no money left in my bank account. The perks of dating a gardener include a killer herb garden and I’m so accustomed to having fresh chives and shallots in my mashed potato that I couldn’t imagine life without it.
    I am ridiculously lucky to have such amazing people around me. They say that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with, so surround yourself with people who lift you up, support you and laugh with you. Just make sure it’s a two-way street.

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