what we are loving: drou, account manager

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When the Smack Bang gang aren’t head down bottoms up in pixels and emails, we love keeping abreast of what’s going on around the interwebs; and the world at large. 

So after much demand, we’ll be sneaking you under the cover of our screens over the next few weeks to reveal what different members of our taste-making team are reading, watching, coveting, eating and working on….

Enjoy and please feel free to share your own in the comments.
  1. I love a great biopic, especially one about a woman with all the attitude. RBG is definitely on my movie hit list. I have also just finished watching The Staircase, which I can highly recommended if you like a tense ‘did he do it?’ documentary.
  2. At the moment I am managing a variety of projects from a branded street map for a new hotel to a website for a divorce lawyer, packaging for a new cider to an exciting new online publication.  The diversity of our clients is incredible and thrillingly challenging; I often have to be knowledgeable in different industries, which means constant new learning which I love.
  3. I am definitely more of a spender on experiences than things, however I am moving house next week and have my eye on a few bits to make a house a home. I love this vase by Sharon Muir and also these prints by Kelly Anna to add a splash of colour to our hallway. We are also in need of a great bookshelf, so any recommendations please send them my way.
  4. I have also had my eye on this lovely wrap-cardi from Cos. The office is super cold in winter so this stylish number is perfect. I also think this is the year I may finally invest in some RM’s but I can’t choose a colour. Black or Chestnut!?
  5. I enjoy winter cooking more than I enjoy winter dressing, so I have loved making lots of slow cooked dinners of a weekend. This tumeric chicken was delicious, as was this cold busting chicken soup which left us with lots of spare chicken, meaning I had enough for sandwiches throughout the week; winning!
  6. As someone who is a little apprehensive about how fast technology is developing, I found this article about whether children should be polite to virtual assistance really fascinating.
  7. I also really enjoyed this TED talk on how gaming can make our world a better place. This was a recommendation from one of my lovely clients. At first, I could not see how she was going to convince me that gaming is the answer, but I love Jane’s execution of the idea.
  8. As a Londoner, I always like to keep on top of what’s great at home and I am loving this podcast of interviews with insightful folk in business. It’s currently my go to on my morning walks to work and Otegha herself is pretty awesome too.
what we are loving: drou, account manager
what we are loving: drou, account manager

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