what we are loving: felicity, art director

what we are loving: felicity, art director
When the Smack Bang gang aren’t head down bottoms up in pixels and emails, we love keeping abreast of what’s going on around the interwebs; and the world at large. 

So after much demand, we’ll be sneaking you under the cover of our screens over the next few weeks to reveal what different members of our taste-making team are reading, watching, coveting, eating and working on….

Enjoy and please feel free to share your own in the comments.
  1. I can’t wait to watch the remake of Picnic at Hanging Rock to redeem my school english class experience, but also; Natalie Dormer + those costumes.
  2. I’m currently working on a wine label. As a self-confessed ‘buy-the-wine-cause-it-has-a-nice-label’ shopper, I’m enjoying being on the other end of the process.
  3. Due to my constant battle with winter rain and canvas shoes, I’m after some rain-proof sneakers so my feet can look good AND stay dry. I think these are the winners.
  4. We’re in the process of moving house so I’m on the lookout for basically everything and anything. This is on the top of my coveted list. A sofa made by a mattress company?! Netflix marathons and twinged neck here I come.
  5. I’m not much of a cook so I’m not a recipe hoarder, yet I do love a delicious meal so I can’t wait to head to back to Melbourne’s Cookie for their green chicken curry.
  6. I’m not even embarrassed to admit I’ve been in a news echo chamber of the royal wedding. I can’t get enough. Especially these guest fashion reviews that are great for some lols.
  7. I’m currently stalking this because I’m a sticky beak and I love Emma Watson. I’m truly on the fence about this show and what it’s saying to my generation about their self-worth.
  8. When I’m stuck in a creative rut, or just need to fill my brain with something inspiring that isn’t my current project, my go-to’s are here, here and here.
what we are loving: felicity, art director
what we are loving: felicity, art director

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