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When the Smack Bang gang aren’t head down bottoms up in pixels and emails, we love keeping abreast of what’s going on around the interwebs; and the world at large. 

So after much demand, we’ll be sneaking you under the cover of our screens over the next few weeks to reveal what different members of our taste-making team are reading, watching, coveting, eating and working on….

Enjoy and please feel free to share your own in the comments.
  1. I’m so keen to start ‘Atlanta’ by Donald Glover – it’s been on my to-watch list for a while. Now to find a spare moment…
  2. At the moment, I’m working on a couple of stories for the next issue of Baskk, and I’m loving it  – particularly a shoot I’ve pitched featuring real and raw feminine figures. It’s opened us up for so many beautiful and uplifting conversations about body image and embracing ‘imperfections’. Super inspired by the photography of Nastassia Brückin and Heather Hazzan for this issue.
  3. Lucy Folk’s new Slice of Heaven sunglassses definitely wouldn’t go unappreciated in my wardrobe, nor would a PJs-but-for-work set like this, but sadly rent and food take priority in my weekly budget.
  4. Having recently moved into a new (old) flat, I’m doing everything I can to dress up this old bird. We fell sucker to Facebook Marketplace and got some free linen couches delivered – great colour, great fabric, saggy as hell, so Sarah Ellison’s Zephyr couch would definitely make my morning muesli and toast a little less feathery. Either that or Urban Outfitter’s Marte Rattan Bed is one I can see myself snoozing on.
  5. I have quite the thing for cookbooks, and have filled my home with them like they’re coffee table books, so naturally my list of recipes to try is very long. Currently have my heart set on these by Sunday Suppers. Will I actually make the food or just stare at the page designs? Who can tell.
  6. I’ve been watching a lot of Vox’s videos lately – they’re like bite-sized documentaries on a massive range of topics around politics, science, design and music.
  7. This is an oldie but a goodie – Cinder Cone by Forster Huntington – any time I’m feeling cramped by city living, I watch this and day dream of American road trips and outdoor baths. When that’s not an option, I laugh at Man Repeller’s take on the tiny sunglasses trend.
  8. When I’m in need of some design inspo, I head here, here, here and here to get my fix.
what we are loving: kendall, designer + photographer
what we are loving: kendall, designer + photographer

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