The Magic of Collaboration Marketing

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The Smack Bang studio is a constant party. There’s a strong scent of countless coffees, an echoing effect of laughter, a trail of bad jokes, good vibes, plenty of tunes, the occasional alcoholic beverage and an endless bounty of people coming in and out of our glass doors.

This side of the business makes the long days behind spreadsheets and the sleepless nights worrying about cash flow so damn worth it. It’s the people that make a house feel like a home, and who make a workplace not feel like work. I’m a big advocate for two heads being better than one, and any offer of collaboration makes me weak at the knees. So when I found Jess Rufus of Collabosaurus – I must admit – I got giddy goosebumps all over. Jess has created an online match-making platform for businesses. The thought of meeting other like-minded creatives in an easy, non-awkward networking way gets me flustered in all the right ways.

I was lucky enough to have Jess write us a guest blog about the magic of collaboration marketing to give y’all a little insight into the good stuff…

‘Collaboration’ is quite the buzz word nowadays, isn’t it? It can be defined in a bunch of different ways, but today I want to talk about collaboration marketing, or strategic partnerships, as a way of seriously growing your brand.

Collaboration marketing is all about two brands coming together and exchanging their assets – (whether it be photography, design or marketing skills, social media presence, excess product, email list, event space… the list goes on) – to form mutually beneficial agreements where both brands get great exposure and grow together.

Collabosaurus is like a match-making site for businesses – we make it super easy to source valuable, relevant brand partnerships so you can meet your goals quickly and on budget! We talk about strategic collaborations in these 5 ways:

• Events
• Product Creation
• Referral Partnerships
• Social Media Cross Promotions / Competitions
• Open to Opportunities (a bonus from Collabosaurus, you don’t need to know what you’re looking for!)

Sound interesting? We thought so.

Here’s why collaboration marketing is so great:

    If you have a business that allows you to sell online, or in other locations (did someone say world domination?), strategic partnerships are an amazing way to tap into target markets outside your immediate location. Think of the possibilities!
    When done correctly, brand collaborations should connect you with an interested, relevant audience in your target market. It’s not like spending $10,000 on a radio campaign and having no idea who will listen to it. You’re speaking to an engaged, relevant audience who are likely interested in your products or services – win!
    Collaboration marketing often involves little to no actual moolah spend. Brands work on exchanging their marketing assets and skills, the great thing being that you have something someone else wants! Strategic partnerships are an amazing way to scale your business quickly and on a tight budget.

So, let’s get collaborating! Here are our top 3 rrreally good tips on getting started:

    It’s important to do your research when it comes to a potential strategic partner! If you’re looking for cross promotional value, they need to have an engaged audience within your target market. They also need to have assets in places that compliment your goals – for example, if you want to grow your Instagram following, your collaborator should hold a valuable Instagram presence. The beauty of Collabosaurus is that the research is done for you! Phew, what a time saver.
    If you don’t ask, you won’t get. That’s what my mum always said, and she was right (dammit). You’re better off reaching out rather than not at all. Make sure you are clear on what you want out of the partnership, as well as what you’re willing to exchange. Be transparent and have their needs in mind. Another Collabosaurus beauty – we do this part for you too, AND it’s anonymous, so no one has to know you’re looking! By the time it comes to the negotiation phase, Collabosaurus has already shown you what your collaborator wants, and what they’re willing to exchange, so it’s so much easier to agree on an amazing way forward.
    Once the ball is rolling on a strategic partnership idea, make sure you clearly define each other’s roles and responsibilities. This is where I see a lot of businesses get overwhelmed or caught unawares – don’t let your partner, or yourself, get blasé about social media posts or email send outs. Name the number, date, time and platform for everything and keep each other in the loop. It’s business and needs to be treated that way – don’t be afraid to ask for what you need!

Well folks, there you have it! I hope you’re jazzed up about the idea of collaboration marketing and you’re raring to get started!

Wishing you a tonne of success and world domination goodness.


– By guest writer, Jessica Ruhfus of

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