The making of a magazine: Behind the scenes of Baskk Volume 2

The making of a magazine: Behind the scenes of Baskk Volume 2

Here at the Smack Bang studio, we are print enthusiasts and love nothing more than opening up a crisp, new (or dog-eared and well-loved) magazine, and exploring its pages.

There’s no doubt our modern day lives are full. We spend our time rushing from here to there, doing and going, and going and doing. It’s easy to add layer upon layer of obligation and forget to lose ourselves in the moments of stillness and joy. Baskk has been created to take a pause in all this doing and bask in the beauty of being. In Volume Two, we embrace feminine lines with an up close and personal essay and portrait series, chat with Lucy Folk about her ever-evolving cult brand, discuss the psychology behind architectural structures and explore the Italian coast with Lucy Laucht.

As so many of you are intrigued by the design process, we thought you’d love to hear the behind the scenes of making the magazine. Who better to ask all your burning questions, but Jade Fox, editor of Baskk Linear.

Baskk Vol 2: The Making of a Magazine

Volume two of Baskk explores the theme of Linear and the vast range of forms that it weaves through our world. How did the concept come about?

When coming up with a theme, there were two important factors we needed to consider – one, can we visually communicate the theme to our audience and two, will the broader collective resonate with this theme?

The theme of Linear was put forward by our creative director, Tess. At the time, we were all obsessed with line artists, including Benjamin Ewing, who we were lucky enough to interview for this issue. From there, our team brainstormed the idea further and there were common links, such as life, career, feminity, love, travel and design. There is something so intriguing about our relationships with lines and how the visual use of lines can tell a story or create a sense of calmness, chaos and everything in between.

What elements does this issue of Baskk cover?

Within the pages of linear, we explore the topics of design, parenthood, health, feminity, fashion and travel. For this issue, it was important for us to focus on the human connection and how lines present themselves in all forms – from the importance of lines in architecture and design to the lines of our bodies, how we grow and change over the years, and understanding the history of our connection with this topic in general.

Our life is a line in itself, sure it may not be straight from start to finish but it’s the dips, turns and the spaces between that we find most captivating. People crave the story and want to understand how we get from a to b, and it’s crucial to share this as its so often not as simple as it seems.

We have received an abundance of gratitude and love for Chapter 16, which is centered around the feminine form. Why do you think this is paramount to showcase?

As a studio of predominantly women, we felt passionate about showcasing the beauty of the female form. We came up with the concept for the shoot and did a call out. We wanted to show the rawness, the diversity and the vulnerable parts of ourselves, no matter the shape or size.

This was a topic very close to my heart and the personal essay I wrote to accompany the powerful images wasn’t planned. I wrote this story while the shoot was in progress, and was inspired by the women who I met and interviewed for this particular piece. I was so moved by their honesty and openness, and their ability to move past the aesthetics of their bodies and connect with themselves on a deeper level. I’ve never been body confident but after speaking to those women, they were able to shift my perspective to focus on its ability to detox, repair, nurture, nourish and move – that is certainly something to be proud of.

Baskk Vol 2: The Making of a Magazine
Baskk Vol 2: The Making of a Magazine
Baskk Vol 2: The Making of a Magazine

Being a Creative Studio, how were members of the Smack Bang team used to help create this publication?

Baskk magazine has been developed as an extension of the Smack Bang Designs brand, and our art director at the time, Holly McCauley and I worked closely on really honing in creating not only beautiful content but building purposeful stories. Our team is full of talented individuals which we utilised throughout this issue – Kendall, our in-house photographer took the lead on the fashion and lifestyle shoots such as ‘Where fun meets fancy’ with Lucy Folk, “Feminine Lines” that featured six beautiful women and ‘Making plans’ which allowed Kendall to take a beautiful portrait of her grandfather, the mapmaker.

We also used our art directors and designers to style the setup shots of our product pages and really honed in on our editorial writing which we commissioned the likes of Elisha Kennedy, Monique Barton, Melanie Dimmitt and Hannah Reid to give a different voice and perspective. This allowed me to focus on the features I felt strongly about, have time to edit the others and have the final copy meticulously checked by a proofreader and our creative director.

Do you have an element of Baskk that is your favourite?
There’s too many to choose from! I really love how this issue all came together, from the stories to the images, the design, font choice and colour palette but one thing that was super special about this issue was that our team styled and shot the cover. All of the elements just go so well together and this issue really makes for a timeless and meaningful piece that readers can proudly display in their homes.

Baskk Vol 2: The Making of a Magazine
The making of a magazine: Behind the scenes of Baskk Volume 2
The making of a magazine: Behind the scenes of Baskk Volume 2

If you haven’t grabbed yourself a copy of Baskk Linear just yet, you can shop it here.

Be warned though, you won’t be able to put it down until you’ve devoured each and every page.

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