The Monday-Friday freelance schedule

The Monday-Friday freelance schedule

Hey freelancer! Need some help planning your week? We’ve got your back.

Something a lot of people don’t realise when committing to full-time freelancing is that they’re essentially taking on six jobs in one! Say you’re a designer – five days a week of designing sounds pretty good right? Right, except unfortunately there’s also the not-so-good tasks that you’ve got to make time for if you want your business to grow and flourish.

Instead of letting these tasks overwhelm you every day, follow our schedule, blocking out a 1 hour chunk of your schedule each day to dedicate to a specific area of your business. Try it out, see what works, and adapt it for yourself.

    It’s no secret everyone hates Mondays – your brain won’t quite turn on and you’re wishing you could go back and relive that dreamy Sunday, right? What better way to turn this around than to start your morning by fueling your creative brain! Step one – pop on a killer playlist. Step two -coffee (or tea, if you’re so inclined). Now step three, you’ve got two options: Feeling Perky? Make a list of all the jobs you’ll be working on for the week – packaging design? Business cards? Some blog posts on business productivity? Head to Pinterest, your favourite blogs or magazines, or good ol Google and search for inspiration specific to your list. Feeling Sluggish? Head to your favourite websites, blogs or flick through a magazine for a dose of visual goodness and scroll scroll scroll ‘til your heart’s content.
    Money is great! Managing accounts is not so great. Creative people are notorious for finding the finance side of any business a struggle, which means this is the area of your business that is likely to get the least attention and cause the most stress! Taking the time to set up some client info spreadsheets, invoice templates and budget plans, getting organised is so worth it in the long run. Once you have this sorted, you can spend this time each week checking in with job statuses, following up on invoices, paying bills, prioritising tasks and keeping up to date with your weekly budget.

    Marketing is important for informing and engaging with your clients or potential clients, showing off your work, and generally making sure you’re at the front of people’s minds when they realise they need something done. A good marketing plan is a cycle made up of three steps: planning, acting, and regrouping. Spend this time each week by first Planning what you want to be your marketing focus for the week. This week do you particularly want to: Gain more followers? Educate your audience about your industry? Inform them about your EOFY deal? Think about how you can turn your marketing focus into visuals and CTAs for your social media channels, and then Act on it by scheduling some posts. Post scheduling tools such as Schedugram, Later and Buffer are lifesavers if you don’t want to spend your whole working week attached to your phone. Don’t forget to use high-quality imagery that is in keeping with your brand look and feel, and use hashtags! Now that you’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to Review by looking back over last week’s social media insights and engaging with your audience to show you’re there (and you care!). Pay attention to what content is most successful and why – you can use this information to influence next week’s planning!


    What is lead and client nurturing? To put it simply, it’s building and maintaining relationships with

    a) those people who aren’t quite ready to jump on board with your services (Leads), and

    b) those wonderful humans you call clients, who you want to encourage to come back for more, or to shout your praise from the rooftops!

    Spending some time each week dedicated to following up and checking in with these people totally pays off. People who feel they matter to you will be more likely to buy into what you’re selling and keep coming back for more. Having a list of past, present and potential clients is a must have for any freelancer – check it weekly and update as needed. If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, send them a check-in email – if they’re a lead: how close are they to jumping on board? Is there anything you can do to help get them over the line? If they’re a customer: how is their business/life going? Are they working on anything new? Is there something you could congratulate them on? Every interaction counts.

    This is also a great time to consider which clients you’ve loved working with and who you’d like to work with more. Got a dream brand you’d love to collaborate with? Make a list and a plan of attack for reaching out and engaging with them, whether it’s via email, social media or otherwise!


    You’ve made it to Friday! The weekend is so close you can taste it, and now is the time to get yourself organised so you can start the following week fresh and ready to conquer the world. There’s nothing like a clear desktop and clear inbox to get your mind ready for the weekend. Start by sorting through your inbox: filter all those email lists you’re subscribed to, label any you want to read during your Monday ‘Research’ time, and unsubscribe from any that are no longer useful to you. Check and update your labels and filters to make sure conversations are grouped by client and by topic so everything is easy to find. Archive all emails relating to closed jobs – trust us, it feels so good. Lastly, respond to all those ‘put-off’ emails – you know, the clients that have a few too many questions to answer through the week – don’t carry them over to next week!

    Next up is your computer files: Check and reorganise all your client folders into a consistent filing and naming system. This will mean no wasted time trying to find THAT file. Clean up your desktop by archiving any files or images you’ve dragged or saved there throughout the week – remember, clear desktop, clear mind! Check and empty your trash folder too – this will save you memory and storage on your computer. Any files or client folders that you aren’t currently working on can be archived to an external storage system, whether it be an external hard drive or cloud-based software, like Dropbox. While you’re at it, backup anything valuable – computers are clever but fragile, so having up to date backups will save you a whole lot of stress and heartache should you stumble across a hard drive crash. Get a head start on Tuesday’s finances by logging any digital receipts you have received this week too. Lastly, pour yourself a glass of wine, you deserve it!


  1. Neill Kumar says:

    Thank you! This is incredible! I’ll be implanting this starting tomorrow morning 🙂

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