Oh Pinterest, How I Love You

black and white photography on pin board with plant decor

I’d like to make a confession. I am beyond addicted to Pinterest. If I wasn’t a graphic designer,  it would be a real problem.

I can’t even let myself begin to imagine how many hours I’ve whittled away Pinning and scrolling through the maze that is Pinterest. I’ve spent countless nights conjuring up the most elaborate of boards, refining the masterpiece of my online scrapbook. And thank goodness it is purely an online scrapbook – for if it were real, I would be guilty of culling a whole forest worth of paper.

So, what is Pinterest some of you may ask? Well, let me enlighten you. Pinterest is a magical place where in 30 minutes (or 2 minutes), you can end up far, far away from where you started without knowing how you got there. In my mind, it is a beautiful fusion of Instagram and scrapbooking. Pinterest is your go to best friend when briefing your graphic designer, your wedding planner, your architect, even your hairdresser. It is hands down the best way to visually communicate with creatives. (It is also the best way to waste hours of your life, so be careful to set yourself time limits.)

Below is a little Pinterest 101 to get you started. I admit, it sounds complicated, but it’s actually really fun and easy.

  1. Signup! Head over to www.pinterest.com to join
  2. Create your profile. Feel free to link up your social media accounts, or if you like, just use your email for now.
  3. Install the ‘Pin-it’ button to your web browser. This will allow you to add any images to your Pinterest boards as you surf the net. Visit the ‘Goodies’ page on Pinterest to learn how to install it.
  4. Add your first pin. To add a pin to one of your boards, click on the ‘Pin-it’ button in your bookmark bar (in browser). A pop-up will appear asking you to select the particular image you’d like to pin. Choose the image, and then choose which board you’d like to pin it too. If you want to add a new board you can do that through this window too. Once you’ve selected the image and the board, write a description to accompany your new pin.
  5. To create a board, click the “Add +” button in the top right corner of your main Pinterest page. Go to create new board and give your board a name. Follow the steps to publish the board. The final option is to allow another ‘Pinner’ (person) to use the board too. This means that you can invite someone to pin to your board as well as you. 
  6. Scroll the feed and pin as you wish. If a pinner that you’re following has pinned an image that you like, you can pin it too. Simply hover over the image and it will give you the option to repin.
  7. Upload your own pin. If you have an image on your desktop, phone or camera, you can upload it to one of your boards by selecting the “Add +” button in the top right.

Hot tip: If you’re putting together a Pinterest board to brief your designer, we find it helps if you search terms like; “Branding, Identity, Logo, Graphic Design, Fonts, Colour Palettes…” etc. Feel free to get inspired with our Pinterest boards!

Warning: Pinterest is like crack. It is highly addictive, so once you get the hang of things make sure you set yourself time limits. Otherwise you may wish to sue me in an attempt to get years of your life back.

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