Out with the push, in with the pull

yellow push bike

Push vs. pull strategies – how are you throwing your weight around in the marketing realm? There’s a lot of talk at the moment about ‘pull strategies’ being the latest and greatest superfood of the marketing world. As it turns out, the kale of marketing, Pull, has a good friend who goes by the name of Push, sounds fun, eh?!

Just as B1 and B2 get around singing lame songs in their pajamas together, Push and Pull hang out in their marketing suits together. So what’s the deal? Who are these guys and what do they even mean?

  1. Pull Marketing: this dude is a killer flirt. Companies use him in the same way that your kids leave carrots out to entice the reindeer in. The idea is that customers will find your company on their own journey because you were able to build a successful brand – you were communicating your message clearly enough to entice them in. It means that your company has offered a valuable product or service and created enough visibility around it to become something of desire to your reindeer.
  2. Push Marketing: this guy is loudmouth. He is the advertisement that is put smack bang in a stranger’s face. The stranger may not necessarily even know of your company, but after meeting ‘Push’, they surely do. Think cold calling, advertising banners and trade shows. This guy is happy to promote the business and “push” the notion that your product or service is something of value.

Although it is important to be both pushin’ and pullin’, ideally your company should be able to rely mostly on its pull strategy. When you think about it, preaching to the converted is much easier than having to educate, convert and then preach. Pull marketing allows your most ideal customer to come walking through the door, wallet at the ready.

Your pull strategy is now your best mate, he is less expensive and requires far less effort than traditional marketing tactics. Pull strategies include:

• Brand awareness – being clear of your ‘why’ in business

• Building a consistent brand image

• Producing content that engages your target audience(s)

• Creating user experiences that leave lasting impressions

• Providing customer service that ‘wows’ people

Don’t get me wrong, old mate ‘Push’ hasn’t been rejected from the party, of course there are instances when he is a very valuable player in the game. Its just that ‘Pull’ is your go-to man for getting more bang for your buck from your marketing dollars.

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