Your commute is about to get a lot more enlightening: 7 podcasts to download right now.

Your commute is about to get a lot more enlightening: 7 podcasts to download right now.

It’s probably no coincidence that the average urban commute time AND the average podcast duration both sit around the 40 minute mark. (That’s almost one million minutes over the span of a 44 year career.)

Recently, rather than spending this pretty substantial chunk of time mindlessly scrolling through our teenage crush’s fiancé’s sister’s dog’s IG feed, we’ve been tuning into a variety of thinkers and talkers around the world.

The pool of pods on offer these days is deeper than Marianas Trench – with something for absolutely every kind of listener, whether you’re a sci fi fanatic, DIY enthusiast, amateur philosopher, science or sociology major, financier, pop culture vulture or just that general knowledge nerd the rest of us can always call upon in pub trivia.

So we’ve taken the liberty of curating a few of our fave design, brand and business related shows so that you can turn a mundane routine into something educational, entertaining and/or enlightening each weekday morning and evening.

Happy listening!

(Oh, some first hand advice for more comedic genres: It is highly recommended NOT to listen to My Dad Wrote a Porno on a public train if your laugh can even remotely resemble a piglet with mild asthma. Been there, done that, got the odd looks.)



Journalist turned author, Emma Gannon, speaks with guests about their relationship with the internet. A few goodies include Jen Sincero talking money, Tom Chatfield on how to spot bullshit and Zoella on being your own boss.



SYSK (as it’s abbreviated) pretty much does what it says on the label – deep dives into different subject areas every week to expand our brains and knowledge bank that little bit more. A few examples of ‘stuff you should know’: What are think tanks all about, how patents work and the ubiquity of nepotism.



A spin-off of the 2005 bestselling book by economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen J. Dubneris, Freakonomics is also weekly podcast, exploring the hidden side of everything. Such as, why we choke under pressure (and how not to) and how to be creative.


  1. 99% INVISIBLE

Think ‘design chat’ is just for your skinny jean-wearing, almond cortado sipping pals who play with pixels all day in their warehouse offices? Firstly ‘Oi, we’re more diverse than that!’. Secondly, think again. 99% Invisible teaches you all about the design world by only focussing on the universally interesting aspects. For example, why Freud opted for a couch over an armchair, the origins of the fortune cookie and the worst way to start a city.



The (gigantic) audio branch of Tyler Brûlé’s media empire, Monocle 24 is an round-the-clock radio station featuring live shows and podcasts covering current affairs, business, culture, design and more. One of its dozen regular programmes is The Entrepreneurs, Monocle’s flagship business show, providing a weekly tour of the most inspiring people, companies and ideas on the global landscape.



One quintessential Girlboss (Hey Sophia!) uses her platform to spotlight the professional lives of other boundary-pushing women in business, interviewing the starry likes of Gwyneth Paltrow (with her Goop hat on, not her Hollywood one) and Emily Weiss, founder & CEO of brand of brands, Glossier Inc.



Our most biased but still fully valid recommendation is Australian-based podcast, YCS, who has recently interviewed none other than our own phenomenal founder and creative director, Tess, on marketing your business. You can listen to part one here and part two has just gone live.


We’d love to hear your recommendations. Please feel free to share in the comments below 👇


  1. Viv says:

    Awesome post, I haven’t heard of the majority of these but I’ll have to check them out.
    Your Creative Start is one of my absolute faves!
    I’ve also just become obsessed with Offline the Podcast – it’s wonderful.

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