Oregon, United States

For all its progress in the natural space, the beauty industry is still pretty shady. Axiology are here to set their own standards with a simple promise everyone can understand – to make great makeup with no bad stuff – ever. Through the use of a bold colour palette, we were able to seamlessly portrayed this idea through their website.

Axiology Axiology Axiology Axiology
We loved working with the team at Smack Bang Designs. The crew was professional, organised, timely and kind at all stages of the process. They are all truly amazing people. The design of our website that was created by Smack Bang has been so great for our brand. We are more confident to share our site with retailers and our customers. We've also gained some attention of some of the retailers on our wishlist and we believe it's due to our shiny new website. Will work with the Smack Bang team again and again. - Ericka Rodriguez, Founder, Axiology Beauty.
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