Beauty Bites
Sydney, Australia

Beauty Bites is the future of beauty snacking — proving that the beauty and food industries are not mutually exclusive. Beauty Bites, developed by global influencer, Keira Rumble, are Australia’s first fully functional beauty snack. This revolutionary collagen bar combines 5 illuminating and age-defying ingredients in a convenient, single daily dose.


Our task in launching their beauty snack was to create a brand that could unite the beauty and food industries, creating a bridge that would define this new category and grant it longevity and loyalty amongst its millennial audience. 

Beauty Bites Beauty Bites Beauty Bites Beauty Bites
Just 8 months after launching, Beauty Bites are now stocked in Coles, Priceline, Urban Outfitters, as well as over 1,450 stores across Australia. With an existing logo, we developed the Beauty Bites brand from scratch, grounding it in a contemporary freshness and infusing that feeling into everything. The packaging we designed features custom illustrations (taking cues from the ingredients) which act as product differentiators, paired with a simple and refined typography for a further nod to the beauty industry. With the expansion into more mainstream retail, we worked closely with the Beauty Bites team to further evolve the packaging, POS systems and campaign collateral.
Beauty Bites Beauty Bites Beauty Bites Beauty Bites Beauty Bites

Partnering with Smack Bang is an absolute dream. We launched Beauty Bites into the market in August 2019, and sold out our forecasted 12 month stock within days. Part of this success I contribute to the brand identity created by Smack Bang. They have become a natural brand extension to my business and I wouldn’t consider partnering with anyone else. – Keira Rumble, Founder, Beauty Bites

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