Call Time on Melanoma
Sydney, Australia

The future of sun safety is here.

Call Time on Melanoma is a not-for-profit initiative blowing the whistle on Melanoma mythology. We met the founder during the early phases of development and helped the team form a unique and impactful brand identity. Providing a platform for discussion and connection; a space to share diverse stories, fact-based information, and sun-safe alternatives for young women, the branding needed to reflect their fun and inclusive spirit.

On the cusp of their expansion, we partnered with CTOM to develop a quirky and love-able personality through a tone of voice and brand identity that rides the duality of playful but mature.
We built a brand that was approachable and rooted in community - one customers know they can trust, no matter what. This non-for-profit is leading the way in reframing skincare awareness, creating a new social standard and we're calling for you to join the movement, too.
Jasmine Dowling - Brand Elements

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