New York, USA

In an industry where ‘natural’ brands are often far from it, Evereden is backed by science, carefully considered and entirely honest. Their objective was to create a brand identity that would not only attract the attention of kids but also present a beautifully balanced design that that appeals to parents while smashing all the industry standards on the shelf. We worked with their in-house team in New York to produce branding that was playful and warm, with a premium and elevated energy.

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"In the process of starting Evereden, I’ve worked with over 20 vendors, partners, suppliers, and Smack Bang Designs has by far been one of the best. Despite the time and geographical distance, the quality of work, positivity, and level of professionalism at SBD has always consistently been top notch...
Evereden Evereden Evereden
...I also recognize that we constantly put SBD on tight timelines as we were racing to launch under stressful conditions, and overall, we are so thrilled with the work and result from working with SBD. The designs are beautiful – we have been featured by Forbes, Fast Company and others so far, and consistently, every single reporter or influencer I have met thus far has remarked on the beauty of the branding and packaging." - Kimberley Ho, CEO and Co-founder Evereden

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