Fete/Life Magazine
Sydney, Australia

Fete/Life Magazine: The solution to a simple, meaningful, well-designed life. Our brief was to replicate what Fete do so well in print, to an online representation of the brand. Transferring mediums is always a challenge, but through the use of detail, space and a sound knowledge of how people read on screens, we couldn’t be more proud of how this baby came to life!

Fete/Life Magazine Fete/Life Magazine Fete/Life Magazine Fete/Life Magazine Fete/Life Magazine
"We needed a new website but it had to accurately reflect the brand we had already established and function well. It’s hard to find a team who places an equal value on both aspects of a website. That’s what attracted us to Smack Bang Designs – not only did they have the technical skills to bring our site to life, but they had a true understanding on how to capture our brand aesthetics. In a visual industry like ours, image is everything which is why we invested so much time in making sure we got it right. With plans to expand the functionality on our site as we grow, we know that by partnering with Smack Bang Designs, we’re in the right hands to utilise our website as a selling tool, making the most of digital opportunities as they present." Annabelle Kerslake and Jane Cameron, Co-Founders, Fete Magazine

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