Flora Remedia
Melbourne, Australia

The flowery scents of Flora Remedia wafted into our studio, hypnotising and heady. The perfumes needed a motif that would represent both their floral fragrances and botanical properties. We designed mandalas for each scent which were derived from the designs of real flowers and petals. We chose the mandala for its tradition as a symbol of the universe and as an aid to meditation. It seemed a fitting connection, for the mandala is both beautiful and spiritual in the same way Flora Remedia is both beautiful and lifts the spirit.

Smack Bang Design Portfolio - Flora Remedia Branding Design Flora Remedia Flora Remedia
"The Smack Bang team have been an invaluable asset to me throughout my process of developing Flora Remedia. Their patience throughout my design process has been appreciated beyond what they know. The team guided me through the design process as this is my first business and first experience dealing with graphic design. I know that the Smack Bang Gang have the ability to see the brand through the eyes of the business owner and produce an concept that is truly unique." Maddy Dixon, Director, Flora Remedia
Flora Remedia
Laura Saler - Photography

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