Hill St Bases
Auckland, New Zealand

The new standard in bake mixes.

Hill St Bases is the most recent addition to Eliana Glover’s baking empire. Off the back of her success with Hill St Wholefoods, Eliana launched Bases to revolutionise a stagnant, antiquated and traditionally conventional category.

Bases takes inspiration from the good ol’ days of baking — the days before hard to pronounce ingredients, endless preservatives and additives, and all that complicated, convoluted nonsense that made bake mix ingredients sound more like science experiments than adventures to the Land of Yum.

Hill St Bases, Image, Girl wearing blue dress holding new packaging
Smack Bang worked with the founding team to realise a brand that aims to transform the bake mix category into something that's both exciting and resonant with the modern baker who has grown tired and uninspired of the spiritless bake mixes available. After developing Hill St Wholefoods with Eliana, we were approached to help define the new brand strategy and entire execution so that, as Bases forges this new future, its brand will match its ambition. The Bases brand is brought to life with minimal yet light-hearted illustrations, bold use of colour and an identity that brings the fun back into home-baking. The final outcome is a lively, organic identity that portrays the adaptability and playful nature of these mixes. After seeing preliminary packaging designs, New Zealand Woolworths (Count Down) were quick to pick up the Bases brand and signed them months prior to launch. We took a category that is seemingly static, stuck in traditional approaches and banal executions, and turned it into something with personality, life and a distinctly millennial approach. The result is an end-to-end brand experience that truly shakes up it’s category and brings new life to a dated industry.
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"We wanted the branding and packaging design for Hill St Bases to be different, and not just a little different. The goal was to turn the category on it’s head and challenge the perception of what a baking mix should look like on shelf. We wanted our customers and community to be excited and proud to bake with our new range. It was a risk, but a risk that has well and truly paid off! The team at Smack Bang were an absolute delight to work with, they helped bring our dream to life, and in the process created a brand that stands out on shelf, which in turn helped us secure a number of new stockists (both large supermarkets and gift retail). They too, were excited to see something so innovative happening in a traditional category. We even had a few high end fashion boutiques want to stock Bases, which is a testament to how on point the packaging is. Smack Bang feel like an extension of the Hill St team. They've been along for the ride since day dot and nail the projects we work on every. single. time." — Eliana Glover, Founder, Hill St Bases
Lucy Alcorn - Photography

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