Jilly’s Tea
Bondi, Australia

Handcrafted and made with love, Jilly’s needed their brand to reflect the quality of their product. The modern logotype paired with natural colours and illustration allow Jilly’s to sit on the fence between quality and clean; and rustic and handmade – just where they like it. The brand and packaging is flexible across colourways and paper stock to accommodate a growing product range, but all remains on brand and linked visually to the Jilly’s family.

Jilly’s Tea Jilly’s Tea Jilly’s Tea Jilly’s Tea Jilly’s Tea
"In looking for a design company to partner with in the rebranding of Jilly's Tea, I had a basic criteria: the company had to be progressive, energetic, and able to bring to life our vision. I found this with the team at Smack Bang Designs. We were always impressed with the level of professionalism, communication and the delivering of outcomes in the time frame provided. There was another important factor to our design, that the softness and heart behind the ethos of our brand would be communicated. We are happy to say that all this was achieved with the rebranding of Jilly's Tea." Jilly Young

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