Sydney, Australia

Purposefully designed to pay homage to Nakula’s high quality ingredients and strong brand integrity, we had the pleasure of rebranding them to take it up a notch. The brand lift now places them in a position as a premium player in the coconut product sphere. The brand foundations were elevated with a fresh design, focusing on white space, and a blend of aspirational and approachable elements, tempting it’s consumers to pluck their product right off the shelf. The palm tree illustration not only creates a visual connection that is hard to ignore but further solidifies and clearly communicates the transparency of ingredients, and purity of the Nakula brand.

Nakula Nakula Nakula Nakula Nakula
"I chose Smack Bang because they know beautiful design! Not only are they wonderful people but most importantly I loved how they worked - their ideas, innovation and creativity. They understood what we wanted for Nakula but really gave it such a slick, contemporary look and feel. This rebrand was so important to the growth of Nakula. We were just on the verge of expansion. Our current branding needed an obvious refresh but also needed to be ready to handle new products and packaging types. It's the perfect mix of contemporary and timeless. The growth we have had since the rebrand has been unbelievable. Smack Bang completely elevated our brand and we couldn't be happier." Chloe Leary, General Manager, Nakula
Laura Saler - Photography

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