State Of Mind
Kuwait, UAE

A sustainable vision for athleisure.

Based in Kuwait, State of Mind Active is a thoughtfully created fashion-focused, activewear brand built on the foundations of empowering wellness and a purposeful mindset. With sustainable values at its core, SOM Active aims to deliver active solutions that pair aesthetic functionality with conscious living.

Smack Bang worked with the founder to realise a brand that breaks the parameters of what activewear stereotypically offers. Finding a gap in the market for fashion-forward, functional, affordable and conscious activewear, the brand intends to empower men and women to live a more health conscious lifestyle whilst ensuring neither performance nor quality nor ethics are compromised in doing so.

State of Mind, Three Posters
Our team worked on full brand development including strategic thinking, tagline development, campaign photography, copy and visual identity to create a brand as purposeful and forward thinking as its offering. At heart, SOM Active is about human empowerment – it’s an audacious, candid and genuinely dynamic brand and we wanted to express that through their identity. Our graphic system contrasts bold typography with a brave colour palette to maximise messaging, accompanied by imagery that hints at their core focus of marrying functionality with aesthetics for performance both on and off track. To support the brand’s launch, we art directed a campaign shoot, collaborating with Culture Machine and Yasmin Suteja, to produce a feminine, but powerful campaign that heroed their driven and dynamic approach.
"Working with Smack Bang has been an absolute dream. Their work has been extremely valuable to SOM's creation." – Dana Al Khobaizi, Founder, State of Mind

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