Sydney, Australia
Superfeel celebrates the beauty of the human connection. Their products are made with the intention of apsiring to create change through the act of play; shifting individual perceptions of creativity that collectively encourage communities around the globe. Starting with the fun, zany personality, we developed the brand through dynamic typography, colours and design elements, creating a vivid brand aesthetic that rivals the constraints of the norm. We developed a suite of products and an array of marketing touchpoints that were eye-catching and bold, reinforcing the purity of their message: to feel.
"Working with Smack Bang Designs had been on my business wishlist ever since I launched my first business! When it came time to rebrand and take our creative photography movement to new heights, I knew exactly who to turn to. I even told my new business partner that engaging SBD was pretty much a non-negotiable for me..."
"...Not only have the Smack Bang team elevated our brand, but they have truly played a major role in its creation. They helped us two co-founders come together. They distilled the visual voice of Superfeel and helped shape the brand into its own entity, independent of its ‘parents’. Our customers have told us that the new look of the brand feels lighter, brighter, and more vibrant and accessible than ever, which is definitely helping us get our message out to more of the right people. The quality of our branding now reflects the quality of what’s inside, and for that, we will be forever grateful." - Kat Tramoy, Superfeel,
Smack Bang Designs - Photography

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