London, United Kingdom

Seamless skincare, simplified.

Meet the new superheroes of your skincare regime. Named the ‘next big thing in beauty’ by Huffpost, Tandem is a U.K based brand creating skincare that’s approved by tomorrow’s standards — Truly innovative, non-toxic formulas packaged sustainably. 

Tandem create skincare that does more, but with fewer products because they believe skincare has become overcomplicated.

With a core belief that looking after your skin could be simpler, easier on your bank balance and easier on the environment, Tandem launched with a range of multi-functioning heroes. Fewer products, created with the best science-backed natural ingredients and actives, designed to streamline your skincare routine while giving skin everything it needs. Our team worked in partnership with Tandem to introduce them as market-leaders from the outset. Our brand concept centered around the notion of being in Tandem - ‘Objects working in unison’. The ‘A’ and the ‘E’ of the logotype are built from the same original shape to symbolise the two working together. The same theory is applied to the dots, which were developed to become a prominent and defining brand device.
After building out the brand foundations, we then designed the packaging suite and produced a photoshoot inspired by the perfect pairing of items in perfect balance, further reinforcing the Tandem approach. Tandem sit in the skincare sweet spot where science is balanced with beauty and good ingredients create great results.

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