The Beauty Chef
Sydney, Australia

Pioneering a new category.

With e-commerce being the storefronts of our time, a product is only as good as it’s website. Interpreting The Beauty Chef’s brand to a new and improved style meant refined typography, hero imagery and editorial layout. Through the elevation of the brands already recognisable packaging, the site was designed to do the beauty of the product justice, and allow The Beauty Chef’s online platform to be a seamless extension of the brand.

“We have had the pleasure of working with Smack Bang Designs over the last couple of years. While we initially engaged them to assist with the design and execution of our new website, then signed up to a monthly retainer we continued to work across various branding projects and marketing campaigns. Throughout the process, we were impressed by their enthusiasm and professionalism – always successfully bringing our own brand vision to life.”
Carla Oates, Founder, The Beauty Chef

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