The Lennox
Sydney, Australia

The pinnacle of luxury. 

With its enviable sky-high views and striking presence over a bustling urban landscape, The Lennox promotes a warm and welcoming hotel-living experience strategically paired with the advantages of proximity to nature — purposed to complement any modern lifestyle.

Driven by passion, purpose and innate experience the team behind The Lennox approached Smack Bang to reposition the residence to an audience of astute buyers as a timeless yet distinctive, urban riverside locale, promoting a warm and welcoming bespoke living experience to complement any modern lifestyle. 

We created a brand and accompanying touchpoints that celebrate the simplicity, style and elegance that exudes from The Lennox, whilst also reinstating its contemporary, timeless appeal. 

The Lennox
A modulated typeface was chosen for the logomark, its varied widths throughout representing how the light changes and reflects off the building depending on the time of day. The tops of the three ascenders have been customised and sliced to mimic the top of the three towers of The Lennox. The fine details of concept two, such as the customisations to the logo mark and the detailed illustrations, are reflective of the high-quality materials and finishes of The Lennox, and the high attention of detail throughout. The new identity curates a variety of brand devices that not only complements the large collection of site imagery but also defines a suite of internal documents, supporting marketing material and acts as the foundation to build and maintain brand credibility and loyalty in a cohesive and approachable manner.

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