Edible gardens, reimagined.

The best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago. The second best time is today. Urban Growers are building a greener future through edible gardens – but not the edible gardens we’ve become accustomed to. The team at Urban Growers challenge the typical edible garden by placing design well and truly at the forefront and using education to inspire people to live in alignment with the needs of our future.

We developed the entire Urban Growers brand system, as well as a tone of voice that would elevate the brand to inspire positive change amongst its growing community. Departing from the rustic aesthetic that dominates the category, we created a distinctive identity elevated by design; a brand where nature and refinement work together. Urban Growers are the leaders in Australian urban farming and we continue to work with the team to connect with and inspire their audience on a deeper level.

“Smack Bang was an invaluable partner. They surpassed our expectations in delivering a smart brand that we feel has repositioned us as industry leaders. The new brand identity has allowed us to reach a more diverse market, operate with greater confidence and has tripled our online engagement.” – Byron Smith, Founder, Urban Growers

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