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The ultimate ebook for early-stage entrepreneurs ready to kickstart their creative dream with clarity and confidence.

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The ultimate ebook for early-stage entrepreneurs ready to kickstart their creative dream with clarity and confidence.

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250+ pages of expert advice..

250+ pages of expert advice..

Chp. one

Business mindset

Learn what it takes to be a legit business owner, with Pru Chapman of the Owners Collective.

Chp. two

Landing clients

The art of getting clients to see your value and signing on the dotted line, with Kaylene Langford.

Chp. three


Fine tune your business branding to ensure instant street cred and longevity in the game.

Chp. four


Get the knowledge you need to craft your portfolio in a way that attracts the right client with Hannah Silverton.

Chp. five


The all you've ever needed toolkit to nail your social media and blogging game.

Chp. six


Photography tips and tricks to ensure your business comes across as top notch.

Chp. seven


Learn how to craft compelling copy and nail your unique tone of voice.

Chp. eight


All the knowledge you need to ensure your biz is legit, so you’re not up late at night.

Chp. nine

Making money

The most comprehensive low-down on everything you wished you knew about managing your finances and the world of tax.

Chp. ten

Getting tech

The tools of the trade and systems that our team of experts use everyday to save themselves hours of manual work.

Chp. eleven

Dealing with clients

The ultimate toolkit to managing clients and making way for the 10/10 testimonials.

Chp. twelve


Everything you need to know to save you hours of heartache and serious stitch-ups.

Chp. thirteen


Advice from the team at Evernote to get you jacked up and kicking goals, now.

Chp. fourteen


Jenna from Bicker Design talks creating the dream workspace to ensure motivation and inspiration stay ahead of the game.

Chp. fifteen


Mastering the art of networking and collaborations with Jess from Collabosaurus.

Chp. sixteen

Building a team

Tess gives you the 411 on building out a team, learning to delegate and what it takes to be a leader.

Chp. seventeen

Finding balance

The tips and tricks to save your soul when burn-out strikes.

Chp. eighteen

Staying inspired

Where our team of designers and experts turn to, to keep their creativity running hot.

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  1. Katie

    Running your own business is scary stuff! This ebook honestly changed my whole business model… which wasn’t hard – I didn’t even have one to begin with! It helped me create a plan of attack, gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my services and and the skills to gain new clients and get organised. It’s perfect for beginners or those who are already well-established but need a few extra tips. It’s really worth your time and money! Thanks Tess.

  2. Sam

    Absolute gold. Practical, inspiring and very entertaining. A great read and a great tool.

  3. Ema

    Loved this ebook!! An essential for all those who run a business ❤️ Packed to the brim with practical steps to implement for smooth business sailing x

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