Ready to call the shots?

Ready to call the shots?

Starting a business is hard, but we’re here to help.

We’ve recently launched our new ebook and workbook, Calling The Shots. It’s the ultimate bible for early stage entrepreneurs ready to kickstart their creative dream with clarity and confidence.

We know as well as you do that striking out on your own is like taking the training wheels off your bicycle  for the first time — both liberating, and extremely wobbly. On one hand, you’ve managed to farewell your micromanaging  boss and say “Sayonara!” to that dreaded 6.15am alarm clock demanding your attention. But on the flip side to your newfound freedom lies admin to sort, clients to please, and taxes to bring you straight back down to earth.

Starting your own business comes with some steep learning curves, to say the very least. And it’s not just the setup of your biz you need to conquer, it’s the ongoing and incessant uphill battle to stay on top of your to-do list while simultaneously delighting your clients and beckoning new ones through the door.

It can be disheartening and plain annoying to be ‘all things’ in your business when it’s not even paying dividends yet. That will continue even as your income surpasses your expenses — it is never enough to just focus on your sweet spot when the whole kit-and-kaboodle needs your watchful eye, too. The highlight reel of your social media profile likely doesn’t champion all that time spent crying over BAS forms you don’t really understand.

So let’s take a short cut.

I want you to experience ‘the freelance dream’ — the poolside glamour, the nomadic lifestyle, the most glorious of flat lays — all the while, still creating meaningful work on your trusty Macbook, actually living up to your Instagram feed — I want you to be as confident, sure of yourself and euphoric as your curated photo gallery suggests.

And that’s precisely why we created this ebook, it’s everything I wish I’d had access to, but didn’t.

As a young biz owner, I had to scramble my way through a tonne of mistakes and learn through trial and error from the deepest of deep-ends. It has taken me 6 years to get to a place in business that genuinely feels good. That’s a heck of a long time if you ask this impatient want-it-all and want-it-now go-getter.

No doubt you could crack the code yourself in the same time, but what if you could skip the trenches, or at least navigate them with the proper weaponry? What if you could learn from the mistakes that I, and a bunch of other entrepreneurial experts, made — and perhaps even avoid making the same ones yourself?

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to figure everything out on your own, like I did.

This is quite literally the business bible I wish I’d had back when I was a whipper-snapper excitedly securing my very first ABN. It’s the top secret encyclopedia of small biz survival that I’ve created to help you through all the nitty gritty that got me stuck at the studio ‘til ungodly hours of the night trying to figure it all out. It’s the ebook version of having a wise Yoda-type business mentor whispering pearls of excellence in your ear.

We’ve compiled our favourite friends and experts across industries and had them dish the juicy deets on all things business — legal tips to networking no-no’s to tech-hacks to dealing with difficult clients. There’s nothing missing here that won’t have you raring to go on your explosive freelance adventure.

It’s time to cut some corners! Let’s give you the confidence and savvy you need to get cracking now.

So, what do we cover?

THE EBOOK – 250+ pages of expert advice

  • Learn how to ask for the money you’re worth, without nearly choking
  • Get the backend of your business locked down so that you can focus on the fun stuff
  • Learn how we manage our clients and their expectations with ease
  • The all-you-need-to-know low down on tax
  • The software secrets and hacks that have saved us hours each day
  • Learn the expert secrets to landing your dream clients
  • Get the low-down on crafting your best portfolio yet
  • Learn the power of networking and collaboration
  • How we handle project timelines
  • Everything you need to know about outsourcing, working with suppliers and building a team


THE WORKBOOK – 250+ pages of practical resources

  • Ready to use contract templates (we spent thousands of dollars on getting these done!)
  • A complete client onboarding pack to save you loads of time and heartache
  • A bunch of email scripts for tricky customers ready to copy and paste
  • Exercises to get your get your brain ticking and find your focus
  • A marketing plan and content plan templates
  • Plus so many more practical, ready-to-use resources to get you inspired and ready to go


Sounding like just the secret sauce you need? Great, get on it.

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