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A brand bible is a document that articulates the very essence of your brand. It consolidates and crystallises the many facets of your brand story into one concise document that can be shared with new members of your team to ensure nothing is diluted and the brand DNA remains strong in a growing business.

Generally a 30-40 page document, the Brand Bible includes all of the elements of a style guide as well as a deep dive into the entire brand story and pillars to ensure clarity and consistency across your brand at all times.

Our Brand Bible process includes a one hour consult with our creative team to better understand the history of your brand, to offer advice, strategy and direction and to consolidate all the thoughts and dreams you have for your business into one clear strategy. We then synthesises this new strategy and knowledge into a streamlined document that you can easily draw from when communicating your brand to the world.

The finished product eloquently articulates everything from your brand values, vision, tone of voice, brand personality and social cues, along with instructions on how to best use your logo, a suite of fonts (for both print and digital use), colour palettes, suggested logo usage, image direction and any other graphic rules that we suggest for your brand.

This is a comprehensive go-to guide for anyone who wants to refine their brand story as well as ensure consistency across all forms of internal and external communication.

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"The initial catch up at their studio was awesome, and a bunch of ideas were passionately flying around the room in no time. But more than that, there was suddenly a strong marketing structure being created. I kind of thought SBD would just wave their magic wand with the visual elements but I quickly realised it was way more than that. They started by working with me to unlock all of those ideas that were inside my head. We refined them together, and then created a brand bible that paved the way for a tight knit and exciting brand personality. All of a sudden my staff and customers weren't expected to be mind readers. Not only have all of the visual aspects of the re-brand been nailed, but they are also steadfast in understanding the wider issues that are unique to the business. Everything just looks and feels cohesive, and reflects all of the brand qualities and traits we unpacked together."

James Tudball, The White Tree

"Smack Bang took our grand vision for our organisation and turned it into clean, crisp and stylish brand. Not only do we now have a clear style and design for our brand, but the process has helped us clearly articulate who we are and what we do into a solid strategy. We're so happy to have found a team of creatives that we want to work with again and again."

Natalie Woods, Clean Coast Collective

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