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Good design is good business – but both are nothing without a clear and concise business strategy. Before you look at diving headfirst into the aesthetics, let’s take some time to uncover your vision and your voice, and how to communicate this with clarity to your audience through all of your touchpoints. Maybe you’re Emily Weiss, planning your next venture or maybe you need help to refresh and refine your existing brand, either way, an expert on brand development, uses their knowledge and experience in business to ensure your branding and positioning positively impacts your bottom line.

What to expect.

A 60-minute power session with Tess, an expert on brand development to work through your pain points, core foundations and key messaging. This session will get you feeling inspired, and 100% confident about the next steps for your brand. We’re here to help you bridge the gap between your brand vision and the actual creative output you’ve got sitting in front of you. Mostly this session is about your strategic thinking and developing a clear roadmap for your brand. Together, you’ll blitz through a few activities to nail your brand positioning, architecture as well as hone in on your target market, talk through tone of voice, social media, and overall creative direction.

How it all works.

Our branding consults will take place at our Woollahra studio or via Skype with our selected team members and a coffee, or three. The process is collaborative, so to get the most out of it and gain some insight into your brand, prior to our session, we’ll send you an in-depth questionnaire, audit your current brand assets (if you have any), and request a list of your major concerns, challenges and goals so that we can do our research and come prepared to take an objective look at your brand.

Why it works.

We like to think of this workshop as brand therapy, and strategy as the heart of brand positioning. We delve deep into your brand’s history and comprise a plan on how you can surpass your competition, surprise and delight your audience, make your brand not only look good. But more than anything, we use our extensive business expertise to tap into how to make your audience feel connected and engaged with your brand.

Who it’s for.

This session is for you if you’re:

  • A startup or an entrepreneur with a strong vision.
  • An established business looking to consolidate your strategy or reposition yourself in the market.
  • A growing business needing to streamline your brand strategy and communication for both your customer and your staff.
  • An established business wanting to introduce a new vertical, a secondary brand or expand into new markets.
  • A marketing consultant working through a rebrand or launch strategy.
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"After experiencing growth in our business, I realised we were losing control of our brand and feeling confused with our brand identity. I decided to go to Smack Bang for a re-brand. My initial catchup with the team was awesome and the team proposed a bunch of cool creative ideas for my business.The team unlocked ideas that were inside my head, we refined our brand identity, positioning and collateral together, all of which paved the way for a crisp brand personality which helped us all including our staff understand the true essence of our brand"

James Tudball, The White Tree

"After my branding workshop with Tess, I felt incredibly energised, confident and clear on the direction for my business. The whole session felt more like a great conversation with a (really smart) friend, but I walked away with amazing results and focus. She helped me with everything from selecting the business name to forming my ideal target client. She guided me on how to continue developing my brand after our workshop, connected me with an all star network, and has continued to check in despite her hectic schedule. Tess is kind, open, authentic and brings out the best in those around her."

Coco Tully, Cote Interiors

"After chatting to Tess I felt clearer in my direction, totally pumped and confident I can do it! Not only did Tess make me feel at ease, she spoke my language and got what I was about. We brainstormed taglines, brand personality, point of difference, income streams and product packaging. Tess was brilliant at helping me streamline my zillion ideas into a concise business model. I left the workshop feeling I had been given a road map to make my business ideas a reality. After the workshop she answered my email questions, which has helped keep me on track. The workshop has given my business plans a kick-start and I cannot recommend Tess highly enough. "

Bree Hutchins, The Holistic Kitchen

"The branding workshop with Smack Bang Designs was a HUGE eye-opener in terms of what I need to do to take my brand to the next level. The sheer amount of things we covered in the hour was crazy. Tess was very honest and gave me a lot of real-talk about certain aspects of my brand, and I left feeling like I had a clear direction for the first time in a long time. Thanks again for yesterday! I just had a read through all the notes and the list of things I need to do is massive - but I can't wait to get started."

Steph Taylor, We Are Bloom

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