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We all know that good design is good business. But let’s be real, figuring out how to launch a business, nailing your branding and keeping your head above water at the same time is a huge undertaking. Navigating the murky waters of target markets, tone of voice, social media presence and knowing which font to choose on that g-damn business card is overwhelming, complicated and anxiety-inducing to say the least, especially if you’re home alone with no-one to bounce ideas off.


Enter stage left.

A 60-minute power session with Tess, Creative Director and Owner of Smack Bang Designs. This session will get you feeling inspired, crystal clear and 100% confident about your brand and all it encompasses. She’s here to help you close the gap between your dream brand and the actual creative output you’ve got sitting in front of you. Together, you’ll blitz through a few fun and fruitful activities to nail your brand positioning, then provide a critical audit on your existing materials, talk through tone of voice, social media and photography direction. But mostly this session is about you and what you’re grappling with, so bring your burning questions and brand struggles for us to delve into.


How it all works.

All branding consults will take place at our Woollahra studio with Tess and a coffee or two. The process is collaborative so to get the most out of it and gain some insight into your brand, prior to our session, you will fill out a branding questionnaire, send us a sneak peak of your current branding (if you have any), and a list of your concerns, challenges and goals so that we can do our research and come completely prepared to shake things up.


Bang for your buck.

This super steroid-ed workshop is worth its weight in gold and silver and bronze combined. It’s a bit like brand therapy, but with a whole big treasure-box of tools and advice to take your business to the next level. The 60 minute session is jam packed with activities, strategies and loads of on-air time for you to ask as many questions and get real-time feedback on your branding, positioning and existing materials.


For an investment of $1500 +gst (AUD), you will gain:
  • A guide to crafting a unique brand
  • How to create a remarkable brand that attracts your ideal client
  • A review of existing branding and marketing materials
  • A review of social channels
  • Competitor evaluation
  • Insight into brand positioning
  • Setting and achieving business goals
  • Critique around current brand positioning
  • The holes in your current strategy and how to fix them
  • Insight into tone of voice / socials / photography / fonts / logo / web, etc
  • Learn how to stay on track with your brand consistency
  • Learn how to position your brand in the marketplace
  • Walk away with an objective view of your brand and an action plan
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"When we came to SBD for a re-brand, my business had been operating for over seven years. We had never before put pen to paper to create a solidified brand doctrine, instead it all resided (haphazardly) in my head. Or my gut. After we recently expanded nationally, took on a dozen new staff members, and commenced plans to grow globally, I could see that we were suddenly losing control of our brand. It was all looking and feeling a little confused and dated. So in a somewhat frazzled state I met with SBD to go over everything. The initial catch up at their studio was awesome, and a bunch of ideas were passionately flying around the room in no time. But more than that, there was suddenly a strong marketing structure being created. I kind of thought SBD would just wave their magic wand with the visual elements but I quickly realised it was way more than that. They started by working with me to unlock all of those ideas that were inside my head. We refined them together, and then created a brand bible that paved the way for a tight knit and exciting brand personality. All of a sudden my staff and customers weren't expected to be mind readers. Not only have all of the visual aspects of the re-brand been nailed, but they are also steadfast in understanding the wider issues that are unique to the business. Everything just looks and feels cohesive, and reflects all of the brand qualities and traits we unpacked together."

James Tudball, The White Tree

"After my branding workshop with Tess, I felt incredibly energised, confident and clear on the direction I was taking my startup. The whole session felt more like a great conversation with a (really smart) friend, but I walked away with amazing results and focus. She helped me with everything from selecting the business name to forming my ideal target client. She guided me on how to continue developing my brand after our workshop, connected me with an all star network, and has continued to check in despite her hectic schedule. Tess is kind, open, authentic and brings out the best in those around her."

Coco Tully, Cote Interiors

"Starting your own business is incredibly daunting. Where do I begin? What if it flops? But after chatting to Tess I felt clearer in my direction, totally pumped and confident I can do it! Not only did Tess make me feel at ease, she spoke my language and got what I was about. We brainstormed taglines, brand personality, point of difference, income streams and product packaging. Tess was brilliant at helping me streamline my zillion ideas into a concise business model. I left the workshop feeling I had been given a road map to make my business ideas a reality. After the workshop she answered my email questions, which has helped keep me on track. The workshop has given my business plans a kick-start and I cannot recommend Tess highly enough. "

Bree Hutchins, The Holistic Kitchen

"Tess has a wealth of experience and information when it comes to brands and best practice. Working with Tess gave me real clarity into our own brand, it helped me validate a lot of the digital strategy that we were planning to roll out and how we could better engage with our customers through our brand and story, it also highlighted what we were lacking. I would highly recommend a branding workshop with Tess."

Richard Everett

"The branding workshop with Smack Bang Designs was a HUGE eye-opener in terms of what I need to do to take my brand to the next level. The sheer amount of things we covered in the hour was crazy. Tess was very honest and gave me a lot of real-talk about certain aspects of my brand, and I left feeling like I had a clear direction for the first time in a long time. Thanks again for yesterday! I just had a read through all the notes and the list of things I need to do is massive - but I can't wait to get started."

Steph Taylor, We Are Bloom

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