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Like what you’ve got going on but think it could do with an upgrade or need some tweaks to your branding to make sure everything is consistent and on point? Then, let us work with you on some subtle improvements that make all the difference.

Let’s get straight to the point – here’s what you can expect from the Smack Bang refresh package.



Before we get started on refreshing your brand, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss your current assets, what’s working, what you’d prefer to leave behind and how much flexibility we have for improvement. See it as a therapy session for your brand. We will dissect your current branding and offer our expert advice on the best way to move forward. This is entirely bespoke, and there is no magical one-size-fits-all when it comes to a refresh – we give you feedback that is honest and unique to your brand. Think of us as your design tailor, we won’t stop until we’ve pinched, tucked, hemmed and trimmed your brand to perfection.



First up, we’ll put together a moodboard to establish the new visual direction of your brand. This will be a mix of both design-focused and atmospheric images. These moodboards will set the tone for your brand moving forward and will give you a good idea of the kind of art direction you can expect to receive as the project unfolds. We’ll also include some key words, a suggested colour palette, and an overview for the direction we see your branding going.

We will also put forward 3-5 logo refinements for you to choose from. As this is a refresh only, these options will utilise your existing brand elements to show how we can polish what you already have. These concepts will only feature slight variations to each other. For example, we may thicken the font, adjust the kerning, all with a focus on improving what you currently have.

Once we present you these logos, the estimate includes 1 round of minor tweaks, we can finesse your preferred logo. Most clients choose a logo first round, but the option is there if you need it. All logos will be presented in black and white and will include some in-situ mockups so you can see the potential use of your future logo in the real world.

Once we’ve fine-tuned your logo, we’ll send you all the logo files via Dropbox so you can go town on implementing them however you see fit!



A style guide is a document that outlines the nitty gritty of your branding and how to implement it with consistency across all of your marketing touch points.

Style guides at Smack Bang Designs include instructions on how to best use your logo, a suite of fonts (for both print and digital use), colour palettes, suggested logo usage, image direction and any other graphic rules that we suggest for your brand.

These are super handy resources and really help to seamlessly implement your stellar new logo and branding across all aspects of your business. If you have existing brand assets (fonts, colours etc) these will be included in the document.


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After experiencing growth in our business, I realised we were losing control of our brand and feeling confused with our brand identity. I decided to go to Smack Bang for a rebrand. My initial catch-up with the team was awesome and the team proposed a bunch of cool creative ideas for my business. Whilst I thought, they'll just wave their magic with the visual elements (logo, fonts, colour palette, copy), I quickly realised that it was more than that. The team unlocked ideas that were inside my head, we refined our brand identity, positioning and collateral together, all of which paved the way for a crisp brand personality which helped us all including our staff understand the true essence of our brand. Every touch point of our branding is now cohesive and reflect our brand personality.

James Tudball, Founder, The White Tree

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