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Stuck on a name? We don’t blame you. Choosing a great brand name ain’t easy, but it sure is important. A brand name is how your company introduces itself, it is the very first impression your customer receives.

When we brainstorm names for our clients we always start the process by identifying what your name needs to communicate to attract your ideal customer. The name should, in part, reflect your company’s values and visions. Hundreds of thousands of brand names are registered every year so it’s imperative that your own makes you the talk of the town.

Whether you need a little help deciding on a brand name, product name, or a name of a new collection or set of products / services, here’s what you can expect from the Smack Bang name development package:



We start by sending you a branding questionnaire to get all the nitty gritty details about you and your business, then you’ll also give us a bit of a brief on what you want in a name and existing brand names that you love. Once we have all the information we need, our entire team get together for a coffee-fuelled brainstorming session. Then, we all go away and work on our own concepts and rationales. Finally, we present you with the créme de la créme – 6 well thought-out names with accompanying rationales.

Throughout this process, your designer will also conduct a domain check to see that the names we present you with are indeed available.

From there you might choose a name from the first round or we go and work on a second round based on your feedback.

The result? A damn fine name that sets your heart and brand racing.

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