Spring Clean Your Business

Spring Clean Your Business

Ok, so I might be 6 months too late or 6 months too early, but I don’t care. I’m currently planning a spring clean of my business (take this as a word of warning my Smack Bang team + loved ones!)

How amazing is the feeling of letting go of unwanted crap lying around the house, to make way for fresh light and airy vibes?! It’s liberating right?! I’m bringing this notion into the studio and dusting away unused and outdated systems, paperwork and files to make way for more functional and productive processes, ideas and creativity.

And sadly enough, I am BUZZING with excitement.

Here’s how to do a spring clean of your business/baby;

  1. Go through your computer and file everything in its place. More importantly go ahead and hit delete on any unnecessary files that are just cramping your computer’s ram.
  2. Clean your physical workspace. Find homes for things that don’t have homes, get out the spray and wipe, buy yourself a new chair and for god’s sake flip the calendar – you’re two months behind!
  3. Collect all customers. Whether this means updating your excel spreadsheet, adding newbies to Mailchimp, update your customer database. Maybe try compiling two systems into one, the more streamline the better. Whilst you’re there, contact former clients – you never know, you may just pop back into their inbox at exactly the right time!
  4. Revisit and refresh your business plan. Tick off things that you’ve accomplished, update goals, rewrite that cringe-worthy mission statement and get back in the mindset of dreaming big and thinking of the future.
  5. Carefully review and update your budgets. Investigate any leaky expenditure and eradicate unnecessary ongoing business expenses. Is there a more efficient way of doing things that you could be saving you moolah? Are you on track for that mid-year holiday?
  6. Refresh and promote your list of products and services. What skills have you learnt that you can now add to your repertoire? This might involve a simple edit of your existing services, or getting a photographer in to make your products look a little fresher.
  7. Review your current processes and systems. Sit down with your team and define what is working and what isnt. Where could you be more productive? Where could you be saving time and energy?
  8. Get rid of those tasks that have been on your to-do list since last year by simply getting them done, delegating the work or removing them from your list entirely. No more procrastination.
  9. Freshen up your business card, website, social networking profiles and other marketing materials. Its time to put your best foot forward and leave the drab behind.
  10. Ask for client testimonials and create a checklist of those who have supplied and those to follow up. Add new testimonials to your website and take down those that aren’t so helpful anymore.
  11. Change your passwords, back-ups and insurances are up-to-date

A spring clean is a great catharsis to get re-invigorated and inspired, and it can be infectious. Shake off the dust and feel a renewed enthusiasm for your business and surroundings, prepare to welcome the growth and new-found passion that comes with the clearing of space.

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