Studio Stopover: Tess Guinery

Studio Stopover: Tess Guinery

We love finding out more about creative darlings who inspire us, enter the Smack Bang Studio Stopover! Every now and then we will be sticky-beaking into some lovely people’s creative process and see what makes them tick. We’re all about expanding our creative community, what better way to break down some walls than to share some everyday routines and pearls of wisdom from special people we admire. This week we have a chat to the lovely Tess Guinery

What do you call ‘work’?

Freelance design. It ain’t really “work” to me – but it is my full time gig – so I guess it’s “work”. I feel blessed to genuinely love my job… I love that my job allows me to travel with my husband who is a full time stuntman and I love that my job allows me to see heaps of my daughter Peaches. It’s a pretty neat set-up and I’m truly thankful!

What is the first thing you do every morning?

Snuggles with my little girl, Peaches. We snuggle first then literally leap out of bed, tie our hair in top knots, head to our local. Then it’s coffee – beach – sun. I feel wrong when this order is whack. I’m very habitual.

Studio Stopover: Tess Guinery

In your opinion, what’s the best time of day?

Mornings without a second thought.

Do you have any Sunday evening rituals before the week starts?

Usually (always) a glass of red with a delicious meal with my man, a quick room tidy up so my head is clear in the morning, maybe some sweet lovin’ and a good night sleep.

Cocktail of choice?

Pina` Coladas

What’s your idea of work/life balance?

Listening to your body, your thoughts and maybe looking in the mirror every so often to check for bags under your eyes ha! Intuition is powerful – I think when we ignore our inbuilt God given intuition we end up in an engulfed danger zone… a zone that is somewhat hard to reverse. The minute you get bags under your eyes, something needs evaluating. I swing into danger zone often, I’m a workaholic, and will go go go till I burn burn burn, I really need to be in tune with my body, my  thoughts and I need to be connected to my loves (my husband and daughter). When there is disconnect I know that my balance beam is weighted too heavily on one side.  To me, work life balance means laughter – if you are laughing, sleeping well at night, fresh when you wake, present in conversations, present at work and able to switch off at 5pm– then you really do have it all “going on” in the best way possible. I’m yet to find the perfect balance but will endeavour forever.

Studio Stopover: Tess Guinery

Explain your ideal day

My ideal day looks like a morning beach session, coffee, sun, swim, breakfast, a peruse through the local op shops, Caleb and Peaches close to my side, good tunes, a lunch gathering, laughter, wine, wholesome food, sun kissed skin, a bit of sand in my freshly washed sheets, washed hair and an early night… ahhhhhh I can smell the goodness as I type these very words…. I just love tropical weather and all that comes with the lifestyle.

Early bird or night owl? Why?

Early to bed, early to rise for sure. I used to be a full time dancer / choreographer teaching up to 8 hours of classes a day, I’d get home at 9am and it would take me hours to wind down before I would put myself to bed. When I got married it all changed and I’m converted for life! My Husband was an “early to bed, early to rise” advocate, he habitually stuck to this life mantra and had a full time joyous personality (even without coffee). I gave it a go and my life changed dramatically. This new found love for early nights sees me crisp in the mornings and my now forced early mornings ( I have a 2 year old) have me getting a head start on the day… the beach is empty, the sun in subtle and the coffee smells better at 6am.

Do you ever feel the work/home lines blur?

Everrrryyyyyday! But how boring if we got it all perfect.

Studio Stopover: Tess Guinery
Studio Stopover: Tess Guinery

You’ve got a coffee date with your 20 year old self, what would tell them?

Oh wow, so much stuff to tell my 20 year old self. I’d say “Girrrrlllll –You do not know everything!” I’d also tell myself to trust my intuition, I wish I listened to my gut a little more, I was more like a little deer in headlights. I’d also tell myself to take that silly muzzle I was sporting over my voice off, I always felt I had nothing good to say, wore a muzzle for too long. I wish I could go back and tell myself to grow some balls. Ha! So much to be said, but no time to regret.

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