Top 5 Ways to Tighten Your Social Media Game

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Just like our pal Vanilla Ice (-ice-baby), here at Smack Bang we are all about collaboration. We love partnering up with like-minded souls to create double the ideas and double the awesomeness. One of our fave collaborations to date is our joint effort with the uber energetic Zoë from Seekerloverdreamer, AKA Boss Lady.

Zoë is a brand master flash, social media ninja, coffee addict, rule breaker and adventure seeker. She is full of wild ideas, ambitious dreams and seriously colourful costumes. Zoë has been tearing up the social scene in search of extravaganza and stardom for her rad clients. We started as long lost pals dabbling on a few branding projects together, and now I can assert that we are fully fledged allies, teaming up to take on the world one social media account at a time!

If you’re anything like the rad clients we work with, you’re super busy and need some fast tips to up your social media game. So in the spirit of kicking-off this awesome collaboration, Zoë shares with you her Top 5 Ways to Tighten Your Social Media Game.

    The most awesome part of using social media as a business, that many people forget, is that it’s social. It’s the place to show off the personality of your brand and share the human side of your business. People often don’t know what tone to use when they’re posting, which keeps them from posting altogether– I feel ya, I so know that place! So what I recommend is this; create an avatar. Imagine your perfect client (even give them a name*), and write as though you were sharing all your posts directly to that one person. It totally takes the pressure off and allows you to let your personality out, which enables you to write with a personalised, informal tone.
    Imagine someone landing on your Instagram feed and scrolling through it for the very first time. They aren’t reading your hilarious captions and giggling at yor witty replies to comments, they’re only looking at your photos. I’m sure all your pics were divine when you posted them but when they’re side by side in a grid they might clash with each other. Looking at your profile, how do your photos look side by side? Are there colours that don’t work next to each other? Are some too dark? Do some stand out and look out of place? Most importantly, do they represent the caliber of your brand? Go through your feed and delete 20 photos to tighten up your profile.
    Always, always respond to comments. It doesn’t matter what platform you’re on, this is paramount. Not only has someone stopped and read your post, but they’ve taken that extra time to comment. Responding is just good manners. And not just that, it sends a strong message that you care and that there’s a real, honest-to-goodness person behind that page. And by engaging with your readership you personalise your brand, which in turn makes you likeable. That’s the kind of brand people are looking for to purchase from, to recommend to their friends and to be loyal to. You never know what direction it can take and that’s worth taking the time to explore and invest in.
    Did you know that when someone Google’s your name, the first thing that comes up is your LinkedIn profile? That means that the information in your profile will make up their very first introduction to you, so how’s it looking? Heat maps show that people spend most of their time reading your Summary and not much else. The most common mistakes I see are people writing in third person, listing off everything they’ve done in a resume format, and not being personal. Yes, it’s a business platform but you will stand out far more if you write from a personal perspective because that’s how we humans connect. This is the place to be passionate, let your enthusiasm spill out and talk about what sets you on fire. Make sure that after that first introduction they walk away thinking “Damn, I need to meet that person!”
    You have one fabulous, and effortless, way to spread the word that you’re on social media – your email signature. Every time you send an email you create an opportunity for someone to connect with you. Now here’s a fascinating fact – we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, so if you include social media icons in your signature, rather than linked URL’s, it’s far more eye-catching. Make them clickable (linked directly to those channels) and you’ve just made it that much easier for your audience to connect with you. And who knows, they could be your next biggest client because they found out that you are a Sausage Dog lover too!

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