How and why us Smack-Bangers are committing to tread lighter

How and why us Smack-Bangers are committing to tread lighter

Planet earth, our little blue rock. Home to over 7.5 billion human beings, 340 breeds of dogs, a million and one different types of milk (give or take), 7 wonders and yet sadly still, only one Chris Hemsworth… what’s with that?

As almighty and powerful as the earth seems on paper, unfortunately, she’s a lot more fragile than it appears. We’re doing a damn fine job of collectively screwing it up and not leaving a whole lot for our future generations – sure we’re ridding our cafes of plastic straws, bidding farewell to plastic bags at our local Woolies and are constantly finding fun ways to reuse our old jars (mine’s currently holding a homemade salad dressing concoction) but we’ve still got a long way to go if we want to reach the sustainable status of Switzerland.

For some, global warming seems like too big of a task to attempt to tackle and it’s easy (and convenient) to put environmentally-friendly choices into the dreaded too-hard-basket along with calling your in-laws and getting those moles checked but before you dismiss it from your mind and think it’s someone else’s problem, let this statement sink in: “We don’t need a handful of people being perfectly sustainable, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

When it comes to climate change and doing your part for Mother Nature, even the smallest of shifts can create a big impact, and that’s exactly what we’re focusing on at Smack Bang, making better choices in our every day to contribute to a larger movement. In honour of Earth Day on April 22nd, we share a few changes we’ve made to our studio:

Build a culture of awareness

This first step is all about education. Now, we aren’t saying you need to sit your team down to watch Planet Earth every week, although I’d be completely down to listen to David Attenborough soothing voice on the daily.  It’s about being conscious of reducing each of our footprints and spreading awareness on how others can change simple elements of their lives to care for the planet. For instance, we have a box of healthy, organic goodness arrive from the team at Community Organics each week. These guys provide organic fruit and veggie boxes direct to our door and our Office Manager (who we might as well start calling Captain Planet) cooks up an absolute vegan storm every Tuesday. Seriously, even The Colonel would devour these delicious meals.

As a non-vegan, I wouldn’t know where to start with cutting down on my meat intake but these simple recipes give us plenty of DIY inspiration that we can include into our daily lives and therefore (slowly but surely) commit to a more sustainable food source.

Rethink your waste

Although the end of plastic bags at major supermarkets has dramatically cut our countries consumption of single-use plastics, we’re still quite frivolous with our overall plastic use.

Attempting to limit as many single-use products as possible in our office space, we’ve implemented one simple rule – no takeaway coffee cups are allowed to enter the studio doors. What’s the penalty if you are caught with a takeaway cup you may ask? Well, basically, you’ve got to stand outside (rain, hail or shine) until you finish it. Trust me, you’ll just about feel like Cersei Lannister after this naming and shaming technique.

Ultimately, most of our staff have KeepCups and if not, we just opt to take a regular mug with us on our quest for coffee. It’s really quite a simple switch and with 14 staff members averaging at least 2 coffees per day, that’s more than 7,000 takeaway coffee cups a year that are staying out of our waste.

Choose environmentally conscious vendors

You know what they say, it takes a village. So shouldn’t your village be full of like-minded folk who are just as, if not more, passionate about the environment as you are?

Since moving into our new digs, we have made a conscious effect to team up with vendors who are doing good for our planet. All our homewares in studio are sourced from local, sustainable companies like Zakkia, along with our weekly delivery of fresh produce, our buddies at Kombu allow us to reuse the glass bottles of our monthly batch of kombucha and we’ve been long term subscribers Who Gives a Crap toilet paper who use environmentally friendly materials and donating 50% of profits to helping build toilets in countries of need this is a real no-brainer for us.

We only have one planet, be conscious consumers and leave a positive imprint on this pretty little thang called Earth. On #EarthDay and every day, let’s treat her better.

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