The undeniable advantages of a customised newsletter

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I’m signed up to a few newsletters that make me feel like there’s a chimney attached to my inbox and that Santa is sliding his fat pudding ass down it each week with a bunch of goodies.

The brands behind these goodies aren’t just emailing me run of the mill sales pitches or poorly configured dear diary entries. They are delivering me hot-to-trot content that is 100% engaging, helpful and presented in a way that makes even Kikki.K look like a dishevelled drop-out.

Of course, I’ve had my fair share of urgh-where-do-I-unsubscribe-from-this-hell newsletter subscriptions too. Those that scream “buy my product NOW” and those that have the flow of a concrete ball rolling through mud.

So what is it that differentiates the “how-on-earth-did-this-thing-land-in-my-inbox?” newsletters to those that win the heart-eyes from crowds near and far? If you ask me, it’s a combination of a million little factors all added up to create one glistening Da Vinci esque masterpiece. But one common factor that I’ve noticed across the can’t-get-enoughs is that they are meticulously designed in sync with the company’s branding, website and overall look and feel. They are carefully crafted, and a computer wizard of somekind has taken great care to make sure that not only everything is aligned and well-spaced, but everything looks like it has been dolled up in the hair and makeup truck for a good 7 years. That’s the shit. The customised design newsletter.

Let’s talk.

    The golden rule of all branding is CONSISTENCY, this means engaging with your audience in a distinctly similar way each and every time you make contact with them. It’s no good popping into your dream client’s inbox with a different coloured design and 27 different fonts over the course of a year. Consistency builds trust, and trust builds loyalty. And I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but in business, loyalty is like liquid gold.
    At the risk of getting all Tony Robbins on your ass, you’re worth it. Your business isn’t just another carbon copy of Joe Blog’s down the road. You deserve more than a template or simple layout that Joe and his dog could throw together in one swift move. A custom designed newsletter will allow you to put your individual stamp on it, so that you leave an imprint (and a beautiful one at that!) on your audience’s mind so that they actually remember you. To do that, you have to make it stand out from the crowd and invest in getting your own bespoke and meticulously tailored get-up – how spesh!
    Ever noticed the Darrell Lea licorice scent waft inside your nostrils when you walk past one of their stores? That scent stays with you forever. And each time you’re in a 20 metre proximity of another sweet-sugar-trap of Darrell’s, their brand comes wafting right back in and you’re reminded yet again, that you do in fact, really love licorice. Each time that smell hits you, it’s like Darrell himself is waving you down and saying “Hey, remember me?!” This is called brand recognition. Each time your audience is presented with something that looks distinctly ‘you’, they’re reminded of your brand, your story and all the reasons why they love you. Think of it as a little wood-pecker, pecking away at your audience, over and over, until your brand is emblazoned across the front cortex of their brains. A custom designed newsletter will do just this, only in a less violent manner.
    Us humans are creatures of habit. We like our coffee the same way each morning (soy decaf ½ strength with just a little-oh that’s-too-much honey on the side), we have a particular pair of socks that just makes a day that little bit better and we really love knowing that our fave bakery has that one particular raisin and pecan loaf every Saturday. Rhythm is good for the soul, it allows us to feel a little more in control and at ease with our often turbulent lives. By providing your audience with a custom designed newsletter each week, fortnight or month, you’re allowing them to know ahead of time what’s coming and what they can expect. This not only keeps them at ease, but also gets them a little excited to receive your love letter each time!
    ‘Aint nobody got time for shuffling around through messy layouts, fumbling through old templates and desperately trying to clean up existing newsletters at the last minute. A custom designed newsletter will keep all of your content elements in a nice, neat order that would make even the most OCD of Mum’s proud. Your newsletter design will be set out for you each time you need to send – ready and raring to go, all you need to do is upload new text and images before pressing send. No more fiddling around!
    You’re running a tight ship… Right?! Well even if you’re not, at least pretend that you are. Take your uncle’s well worn advice and fake it ‘til you make it with a professional looking exterior (even if behind closed doors you’re not even wearing underwear, let alone pants). A custom designed newsletter will inspire your audience to think of you as a well-oiled machine who takes pride in the work they produce.
    Templates are templates for a reason. They serve simple solutions for simple needs. We all know that it is hard (sometimes impossible) to find the perfect template that fulfils our individual needs. Although we do love Mailchimp and all that that hairy guys has to offer, his templates aren’t that flash, and to be honest can be extremely clunky to work with. A custom designed newsletter will bypass these limitations and transport you directly to a design bespoke to your specific goals and outcomes.

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