Work on your business, not in it

typography and photography sheets clipped together

Oh, you’re busy? Weird, I thought it was just me.

The demands of life, let alone the demands of running your own business can have you so busy caught up in the day-to-day, that you lose sight of the important things that need to be done. If you’re not consciously aware, you can easily place up all of your time and energy to the sacrificial gods of your day-to-day task list. The small stuff that incessantly hits your screen throughout the day can swallow up your grand plans and lightbulb ideas preventing you from turning them into actions that can grow your business and provide a real sense of fulfilment.

As a business owner, it is absolutely vital to put aside the day-to-day management and create space to focus on building the business. At least once a week I force myself to work from home. Away from the daily distractions of emails, interruptions, and the general fun and frivolity that prevails in the Smack Bang studio.

From the comfort of my home and in the quietness of my loungeroom floor, I focus on the nuts and bolts of Smack Bang. The strategic growth, the fun marketing stuff, the boring financials, the aspirational long term goals, the short term niggling problems… The whole damn lot. I sit in the audience seat and take a birds eye view, objective look at the business and observe it from a safe place. Whilst removed from my inbox and the all encompassing task list of day-to-day work, I can think clearly and productively, working hard on the business, not in it. I find space to innovate, create, set fresh goals and brainstorm exciting ways to build on my dreams.

Every week, I set out to achieve three things whilst working on the business. It may seem simple, but those tasks can be as big or small as I like, as game changing as a developing a new system or as mundane as getting new signage for the studio. Those three things keep me in check and accountable for the business growth and fulfilment.

Working on your business on a weekly basis provides you with the space to maximise the growth potential of the company and also personal wellbeing and satisfaction.

Not only does working on the business really give you the space to push the endless possibilities of business growth, but it provides you will bucketloads of personal fulfilment and satisfaction.

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